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  • My very own Poetry

    Introducing ‘Bare Faced Poetry’

    Afternoon loves, First my apologies for being late. Whilst I’m at it, might as well apologize for the quality of the video below & the background noise in it. I really tried, but as…

    18th August 2016
  • Why January is still mine!
    My very own Poetry

    Why January is still mine

    Usually January is my month. First and far most because I was born in January. Also because it hosts the birthdays of many whom are dear to my heart. Therefore I tend to celebrate…

    1st February 2016
  • 10 days of Poetry! Poetry

    My Heart

    All good things must come to an end & today represents just that for our 10 days of poetry countdown. To soften this blow, I have a little fun fact. This was actually the…

    23rd December 2015
  • 10 days of Poetry! My very own Poetry


    In the spirit of yesterday, today’s post is my personal thank you note. To all those that ensured that I always knew the treasure that is the melanin of my skin. That never allowed…

    21st December 2015
  • Thank You
    10 days of Poetry! Inspiring others Poetry

    Thank You!

    Sunday’s here! Which means we made it through another week as well as in some cases, an eventful weekend 😉 Accordingly, I feel it’s only fitting that we end this week with a little…

    20th December 2015