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  • My very own Poetry

    Introducing ‘Bare Faced Poetry’

    Afternoon loves, First my apologies for being late. Whilst I’m at it, might as well apologize for the quality of the video below & the background noise in it. I really tried, but as…

    18th August 2016
  • Why January is still mine!
    My very own Poetry

    Why January is still mine

    Usually January is my month. First and far most because I was born in January. Also because it hosts the birthdays of many whom are dear to my heart. Therefore I tend to celebrate…

    1st February 2016
  • My very own

    A toast to Firsts!

    If you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it through the turn of the year. That’s an accomplishment on its own, so day one of 2016 is starting on a good note. However you…

    1st January 2016
  • 10 days of Poetry! My very own Poetry


    In the spirit of yesterday, today’s post is my personal thank you note. To all those that ensured that I always knew the treasure that is the melanin of my skin. That never allowed…

    21st December 2015