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  • Life Real Life

    Little Reminder

    Hey you! It’s been a while, I know but I’m back. This time with a little reminder, specially for you. So here it goes:  There are plenty of people ready, and I really mean…

    5th July 2017
  • Stempas verkiezing
    Life Real Life

    Let’s talk Politics: Voting 101!

    Politics. One of my least favorite subject matters. Though you’d would think otherwise considering that I’m from a country where democracy isn’t self-evident. Unfortunately, I’ve always regarded it to be a stuffy, far removed, filled with…

    7th March 2017
  • 2016 Happiness Jar
    Life Real Life

    2016 Happiness-Jar | My first video!

    Last sunday, I finally did it! I uploaded the video of me going through my 2016 Happiness-Jar! Yes you’ve read it right, I said video. Ya girl done change on ya, keeping you alert…

    26th January 2017