About Me

Welcome to my blog or as the title states: “my world”. 

The world of a 24 year old fulltime poet | writer | adventurer and part-time sociology & psychology master student. Passionated about lists, creating them as well as ticking them off. A tit bit of a neat freak & with a near naive optimistic look out on life. Foremost the world of someone that’s on an eternal quest for love and whilst at it, loves to pen down all her experiences.

Though my inspirations from life mostly turn into  poems/spoken word pieces, it doesn’t stop there. This beautiful life is an amazing rollercoaster ride and my intent is to share it all with you. My latest adventure, my favorite tune, an inspiring event or a page out of my personal life. You name it;) What they do have in common, is that they are all rooted in love.

Afterall, LOVE is my biggest obsession! I look forward to guiding you along this magical life journey and keeping up with you at least once a week!

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