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Paname: How to get there without breaking the Bank!

21st February 2018
Hi there!

Sugarplums! Paname

So I had nothing to catch you up on this Monday, mea culpa. Except a BOMB ass playlist because no matter what, just like LOVE, music makes the world go round and there’s not a day I don’t shower it with a bit  a whole lot of my attention. I mean, all you need is the right tune to make you feel understood, less alone or turn your frown upside down; win-win either way! So, make sure you check it out, let me know which nr is your absolute fave! Is it on the list or was it missing and should I rectify that ASAP? Let me know in the comment section below. So with that said, let’s proceed to the topic at hand.

Paname aka Paris.

Road Trip

Those who read my last recap MondayI hope that include all of you! If not, stop reading right now and make your way over there right now! I’ll wait, that ok.. no rush. Enjoy boo, I did write it all for you 😉– know that I spend a weekend in Paris. One of my favorite cities in the world, no matter how cliche that might sound. Blame it on the fact that I feel right at home considering I speak the language fluently and it just sounds like magic in my ears. Or the fact that I can relish in my secret not so secret hobby of people watching, considering Parisians make it their mission to color its streets so brightly!  Making a trip to Paris this weird intersection of coming home but not really because there’s always a new discovery to be made. In order to partake in all of this, you’ll have to get here first. So let’s talk…


Roughly the distance between Amsterdam and Paris is +/- 500 kilometers (about 320 miles), which is about a 5hours drive. This can vary when depending on the time/day of departure because of the traffic on that road. If you have a car, I’d say this is the perfect and most flexible way to travel. It’ll take you from point A to B without any stopovers. You can bring as much luggages your car allows – all the room for fabulous outfits in an attempt to match the Paris streets–  and you can basically visit any place you want. Meaning you’re not confined to just Paname; France is way more than just this isle. Ya might wanna bring someone along, because driving all those kilometers isn’t only tiresome but also boring AF. No matter how lit your roadtrip playlist is…


Should you fall into my category of being a non car owner, no worries. You can still make it to Paname, inexpensively. Most of us are familiar with the Thalys. Which is this high speed train which will take you from one of the major cities in the Netherlands straight to Paris, in less then 4hours. All you have to do is book your ticket, on time, bring something to eat if your traveling economy class (should you be in the first class, you’ll be served) and make it to the departure station on time. Emphasis on being on time, first because the train will not wait for you; it’ll wait for no one. Secondly, the prices for this train will rise exponentially. As soon as you know your dates, book your ticket otherwise you’ll might end up paying triple that amount. 


BlaBlaCarSee I wasn’t about to do that, so though I booked my trip to Paname on the Thalys for a mere 30 euros. For my trip back I had to look for an alternative, which led me to BlaBlaCar. I had heard of it before, but I had never actually tried it. Honestly, I was a bit weary of getting into strangers car. I mean, I’ve watched way to many Law and Order episodes to not be a bit sceptic. Also, not everybody with a drivers license is a skilled driver. I mean, 5 hours is a TRIP mate.

Beggars can’t be choosers though so I took the plunge and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Up until 4 days before my departure, I could find a ride for less then € 40,-. Which trumped the whole € 125,- Thalys had the nerve of charging. Furthermore, I was lucky to be in a spacious car with individuals who were kind, considering and didn’t feel like talking. So I got to do my homework. Win win.


There is a cheaper way of making it across to Paname. If you don’t mind long rides, don’t mind sitting in one place for more then 7 hours, you could try the Flixbus. Honestly the mere € 20,- for a round-way trip sounds super appealing, but the way my personality is set up. I know for a FACT I’ll go nuts after the 5th hour on the road. I was already getting a little unsettle in the train and the shared car, I don’t know how I’ll do in a eight hour busdrive. In one seat, in one place… Maybe with a group of friends, so that I’m distracted or a good book. I don’t know, let me know bellow if you’ve tried it before.

Let’s take a break here, I think this is a lot of info for one sitting. I promise to come back with a top 10 places to visit when in Paris! Would you want me to do sights together with restaurants or seperate the two? Let me know down below! Also make sure you follow me on my IG and keep up with what I’m up to this weekend, it’s going to be eclectic. Trust me;)


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  • Reply Denise 7th March 2018 at 13:12

    FlixBus was Bae for me! But, (and this Ian a strong ‘but’) I tend to use FlixBus as an opportunity to people-watch and y’all to strangers? Which is terrifying. CSI didn’t raise me like this.

    It works is what I’m trying to say; but depending on the bus you take and the way your phone battery is set up, you could be risking your life. In conclusion, I need that list of Parisian recommendations and yas gimme the restaurants and sights and rate them on a scale of ‘Miley What’s Good’ to ‘Bey Dropped Lemonade in the Middle of the Night’. 🙏🏾✨

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