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Recap Monday: Mon Cœur est à Paname

12th February 2018

Mes amours, valentines

Would it be terribly sad if I confessed that I was actually dreading this week? Due to all the valentines talk, whether it was for valentines or against it. Ya girl caught a major case of FOMO! Desperately felt the need of having my own valentines. Feeling those butterflies of a crush (it’s been a while, might even need to check to make sure my stomach hasn’t become butterflies repellent) and joining in on the cloud nine sphere of this “holiday”.

Then again, these aren’t the healthiest reasons to want to have a significant other. I mean, there’s more to LOVE than just Valentines and is there really any longevity in something starting out of the fear of FOMO. I think the fuck not. What I didn’t see coming though is that a visit to the city of love would get me out of my loveless funk…

Week 7, Februari ’18

Last week, I mentioned that I celebrated my birthday. About a month later than the actual day I was born (thank you for those who made it feel like my birthday regardless) but the celebration didn’t stop there. One of my birthday gifts were tickets to Maleek Berry’s concert. Confession time, though I love his songs. I’m the type to visit a concert if I can sing a long to every song, every word, every note and on every beat; which isn’t the case for Maleek Berry, no offense. However, the fact that it took place in France. Paris to be exact pushed me over the hill and I’m so happy it did.


Not just because it gave a much needed break from my routine which consist mainly of  struggling to stay afloat. Juggling a education, work, some resemblance of a social life and a sleep routine (hope this drill is a mere memory for you now). It reminded of why I love love/life so much. Sometime life can be so hectic, so chaotic, it fogs up our perception. It creates blinders, producing this tunnel vision on what we feel like we’re missing. Instead of being perceptive of all that we’re blessed with. In my case, I was so hung up on the FOMO of a lover on Valentines. I almost forgot that LOVE is much more than that.

This trip to Paris reminded me that we can fall in love with much more than just another human being. It made me fall back in love with Paris, but also with my own home town Amsterdam, because nothing trumps coming back home. That first step back, is EVERYTHING. More importantly, this step back from my life made me fall back in love with it.

My life and myself, that is.

MonYAY Playlist

Having my love for love restore, I decided to go along with all the Valentines Festivities and create a special Valentines Playlist. With 14 of my favorite love songs, throughout time, genre and language.  Next to the usual MonYAY playlist, inspired by my little get away trip to Paname. So whether you are all here for all the Love craziness of Valentines, or whether it is just another day, in another week for you, IGOTYOU.

Let me know which side you’re on, and why. If you are a enormous lover of love and lover of holidays, like myself, what is your favorite love song? Do share! If not, I’m still dying for more music (there’s no such thing as too much tunes). So let me know what song’s got you killing your repeat button!

Discovery of the Week

This week’s discovery has already been mentioned. I’m talking about love and it’s shapeshifting qualities.  Instead, I’d like to shower you guys with a little more love. In the shape of an extra post this Wednesday. Would you like a Paris Travel blog with my tips and tricks on how to get there, what to see/visit and where to eat? Or would you prefer a poem, or two, or three? Let me know, either in the comments below or on Facebook/Instagram.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. 

bisous x câlins

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