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Recap Monday: Living my life like it’s golden!

5th February 2018
A's 25th!

Sugarplums and Pooh Bears! Birthday

New Year 2.0

Happy New Year 2.0, Lizzie said it best lol. Though I love my birthday month, this all January felt like the LONGEST BLUE MONDAY EVER! I struggled finding my rhythm, pretty sure most of my paper from January still say 2017 instead of 2018. By the way, can this winter be over already; what’s the point of this cold without Christmas and new year? Beats me and also, even the sun calls it quits BEFORE 5pm, so need I say more? Anywhooo… we made, my darlings we made it and that’s all that matters. So new month, new start, new chance!

Week 6, February ’18

I rang in this new year 2.0, by celebrating my 25th birthday! I got no idea how I made it here so darn fast; what I do know is that I’m lucky to even made at all. Might seem like it, but that’s not a given. Life is short and should be appreciated. Which is why I feel the need to stand still which each birthday. However, my 25th called for a bigger occasion, so I decided to throw a little houseparty. To commemorate it this -quater century- milestone. It was stressful, specifically it being my first house party ever and I had no idea of how much goes into planning one, but worth it. Absolutely worth it!

A's 25th!It turned out to be everything I wanted it to be and more, which was only possible due to my friends. Each and everyone of theirpresence, at the same time in the same room made my day and felt like a great, big, warm hug of love. Even in a digital world as today, being offline trumps being online all day every day and I’m beyond grateful/thankful/overjoyed I got to spend a whole weekend with my faves! I mean, if your friends won’t celebrate your birthday a month after the actual day your born, are they really you friends though?

Check out my Instagram for more of my 25th birthday pictures and let me know if you’d like a, party planning 101. blog with all my tips and tricks for an amazing birthday!

MonYAY Playlist

Next to food and love, music makes my world go round and so, the Monyay playlist is back again! A little bit of a birthday edition, including the top song on my birthday January 2nd 1993 –can you guess which song I’m reffering to? let me know in the comments below-  As well as little wink to the fact that it’s currently Black History Month in the US and that should be celebrated with non other than ‘young, gifted and black’ by THE miss Nina Simone.

The list is a bit tweaked though. Instead of the nr. in the playlist matching the date, it will now always consist of 10 songs. Long enough to get you started in the morning, get you from A to B with a bounce, hopefully turning any frown upside down. On the other hand, Le Monde d’Alida is a democracy so should you feel this is too short, let me know and I’ll gladly add 5 more nr to next weeks’ play list.

Just like food, love and laughter, there’s no such thing as too much music ever. Which is why I’d feel personally offended if you don’t share you favorite nr with me in the comment section. I shouldn’t even have to mention this by now, but SHARING IS CARING!

Discovery of the week

Fitting perfectly in the “rooting for everything BLACK” mood I’m in right now is “we gaan het hebben over haar”. Translated, it mean “we’re going to TALK bout hair”. A show fully and completely created and performed by Dorothy Blokland and Yahmani Blackman. If you follow me on my Instagram, you might have seen them come across on my IG-story. I’ve been to many of their performances. Ever one leaving me yearning for more and after a year, the full show is finally ready for our consumption. Don’t let the name fool you, the show is about much more than just hair. Let’s be honest, hair is never just about hair.

I intend to be present on the premiere, to show them love and support for all their hard work, but also to be amazed and inspired by there talent. I’ve shared snippets of this particular show on my Instagram Story and Snapchat before, still never doing them the justice they deserve so I hope to see you there as well on February 6th. Or if you can’t make it that day, go check them out on February 7th at Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam.

Before I close of the first Recap Monday of the year, let me know if you’d still be interested to see what made it into my 2017 Happiness jar! I haven’t checked it yet, saving my authentic reaction to share that with you guys so let me know in the comments below. Besides that, I’m going to Paris this coming weekend and I plan to take you along on my IG story, so follow me on Instagram to not miss a thing. Should I open my happiness jar note in my train ride there? So many options, so many decisions, help me out you guys!


ps: I’ve missed ya’ll and it feels good to be back!

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    […] Last week, I mentioned that I celebrated my birthday. About a month later than the actual day I was born (thank you for those who made it feel like my birthday regardless) but the celebration didn’t stop there. One of my birthday gifts were tickets to Maleek Berry’s concert. Confession time, though I love his songs. I’m the type to visit a concert if I can sing a long to every song, every word, every note and on every beat; which isn’t the case for Maleek Berry, no offense. However, the fact that it took place in France. Paris to be exact pushed me over the hill and I’m so happy it did. […]

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