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Recap Monday: A date with BAE

9th October 2017

Darlings! I’m here, back with a vengeance. Not sure why, but I felt that was the right way of starting this weeks’ Recap Monday. How are you liking October thus far? Is it treating you well? Is it doing right by you? Truthfully I’m not completely here for the cold it has brought along but I’ll tolerate it. Simply for the fact that it’s bringing me closer to Christmas. So for now it gets a pass. Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get into last week’s shenanigans featuring BAE, shall we 😉

Week 40, October ’17


The title of this week wasn’t a clickbait. I promise, I would never do ya’ll like that. I truthfully had a date with BAE. Alongside a couple of thousand other girls and boys cheering my man on, ya know. Those who are following me on the gram, already know who I’m talking bout (I keep on telling you to hit that follow button, so you don’t miss out you know).

I went to see J.Cole in concert and it was amazing! See I’m not really the type for concerts. I mean festival > concert all day every day in my regards. However, there are some artistst I’ll gladly make an exception for. Beyonce (duh, I mean the artistry of her sets alone), Solange (no explanation needed), Destinys Childs if they ever make a reappearance. I’ll be there front and center, trust me! Point I’m trying to make is that J.Cole is part of this list (can’t think of many more, unfortunately most of them are deceaced, another reason to make sure I get to see those who are still with us right?). So much so I bought my ticket somewhere at the beginning of this year. Without even thinking who I’ll go with.

Though I’ve seen him in concert before, I felt like I could trump that experience by standing a bit closer to the stage and so I did. Gave myself a little graduation present and splurged on golden circle ticket. It was worth every penny, trust me! Where any of you there? If so, let me know which part of the concert was your fave! Lastly, special shout out to Annaise for letting me tag along and making the evening even more enjoyable. Check out her Instagram, gorgeous as ever. Though it doesn’t do her justice because she’s even more beautiful, bubbly and glowing in real life.

MonYAY Playlist

As mentioned in last weeks Black Achievement Month (BAM) post, this week’s playlist is in light of Black Dutch Excellence.

Therefore, this week’s playlist consist of solely Black Dutch artists. New and not so new songs, but gems nonetheless. You’ll probably recognize some but I still hope to have put you on some you haven’t heard of yet. Whether it be the song or the artist. Black Achievement Month is all shinning light on black Dutch excellence, considering this isn’t alway granted. Though it should be, in my opinion!

We still have two more BAM MonYAY playlists to go, so feel free to share. When it comes to music there’s no such thing as oversharing nor there being to much of it, ever ;)! Let me know on IG, Facebook, Twitter or down below who your favorite dutch black artist is and which song of theirs I just have to listen to!

Discovery of the week:

Also in light of BAM, we’re doing it a bit different. This week I’m highlighting some of the even’t this week that I’d like to attend. Now due to school, work, life in general I already know I won’t make them al. However, if some of you attend any, I feel like I’ll be there in spirit. Which is a win in my eyes.

1.New Narrative, October 11th

Each week a guide, a Dutch Black Poet, Writer, Spoken Word artist, Content Created, Photographer will take on the role of tour guide. Guide you through the Amsterdam Museum whilst giving you their take on the parts of the exposition they’ve chosen. Aimed at giving you food for thought and a new perspective when it come to the illustration and representation of Dutch History. Questioning the story portrayed and its coordinating audience. As well as the role of Gender, Religion and Culture within its representations as well as it’s interpretation. 

Unfortunately, I’ll be stuck in class and I won’t be able to make it but that shouldn’t be a reason as to why you don’t either. Matter of fact, it should be a reason for you to go even more. If only to be able to rub my face in all the awesomeness that I’ve missed. Also, if you don’t go, how will I know who the awesome guide was this week?!

2.Read My World, October 12th until October 14th.

Already the fifth edition of this literary festival. It’s aim is offering new insights on matter of the world who are currently going through huge shifts and changes through the vessels of literature. This edition will be in light of Black US literature. Focussing on 10 American poets, writers and academics who, in the eyes of the curators of this list, are indispensable voices in todays Amerika.

If this description doesn’t make you want to attend already, the speakers of this event certainly will.   Prof. dr. Gloria Wekker and prof. dr. Philomena to name a few. I’m not sure which day I’ll attend, it’ll probably be Saturday or Sunday. As always, I’ll keep you update on IG and FB.

3.Black Female Achievers, October 13th.

This event is highlighting Black Dutch Female Achievers. Giving them a stage and space to converse amongst each other. Focussing on the main question as to how they can improve the way they profile themselves as well as their work. All the invited speakers are Female and Black, duh, but also innovators on a plethora of fields within the Dutch society. Improving it step by step, day by day.

Can you imagine the black girl magic that will ensue?! I’m truthfully heartbroken I’ll have to miss out! Please someone, tell me they are going, hook me up with a live stream so I can catch some of this magic whilst in class. Much thanks in advance!!


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