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Recap Monday: New Month, New experiences?!

2nd October 2017
Kamasutra Beurs 1

Sugarplums! Am I the only feeling like September turned into October with just a blink of an eye? How did you start this new month? I rang in the new month with a brand new experience, because why not. A well deserved break from schoolbooks. I’m sure you’re dying to know what it was but before we get into it, I have a little announcement.

This week marks the return of Topic Thursday, covering an awesome festival which deserves it own post! You’ll have to read it, to get to know what I’m referring to and I promise you will not regret it! I’m actually certain you’ll love it, as well as this weeks Recap Monday. Be sure to mention which part of both post is your fave in the comments or on my IG & FB. Without further ado, time to get into last weeks recap!

Week 39, September ’17

So remember how last week was how I became more particular to the events I do attend, simply because I don’t have the time to attend all amazing events Amsterdam has to offer? How that resulted in so much FOMO? Well I started this month with a brand new experience! Those who follow me on Instagram already should have an idea of what I’m going to say next, haha! Ya girl went to  the Kamasutra Erotic Festival. Though the name is quite self-explanatory, I feel a little back story is always useful.Kamasutra Beurs

Better known as the Kamasutra Beurs, it’s kind of the adult version of a theme park. The theme being not just sex but also sexuality, sensuality and the different ways one can explore it and express it. In a sense it is a safe space for anyone interested in erotica and its corresponding lifestyle. With workshops, live demonstrations and plenty of opportunity to buys yourself a keepsake. The kind of gift that’ll keep on giving, if you catch my drift;).

The organization was amazing in reassuring that all visitors can express themselves as much or as little as they want. Not just due to the vast diversity of stands, making it the perfect opportunity to ask any question you might have to those who know what they’re talking about. Whether it’s about a sex toy, the world of BDSM, Latex and/or cosmetic surgery procedures. Also due to the way they prioritized the privacy of all attendees by enforcing their restriction of taking pictures and video during the event.

Unfortunately, this was it’s final version. Meaning that after 18 years, they’re are closing shop and won’t be returning next year. However, should you ever have the opportunity of visiting something similar, I’d definitely recommend it. If only once, just to for the experience of it. It’s quite educative if I do say so myself, making this the highlight of my week.

MonYAY Playlist

I’m not sure you can call two songs a playlist, but I’m sticking to my –the date dictates the amount of songs–  schtick. Making it very challenging for me this week, having to scale back from 25 nr’s last week but I feel like I’ve succeeded. Both nr’s are related to this week’s topic Thursday! Still in last week’s afro-tunes vibe.

Do not worry, in case you crave more music to get you through the Monday blues, through the week or simply as a change of spicy from the usual playlist you listen to, check out my Spotify channel. There are plenty to choose from. Whether you in the mood for love songs, a little throwback action or playlist curated on the base of language. My personal favorite playlist is “my current faves”.

Discovery of the week

Also linked to this Thursday Topic, this week’s another TV-series. Unfortunately, not as popular as those mentioned last week, but nonetheless certainly on their level when it comes to the storyline, the character development and their dimension. I’m talking about “This Is Us“.

Though sharing the same concept as plenty of other TV-series, past and present. This one stands out due to the way the narrative is told, the way it’s filmed and the way the story unfolds. On top of that, they just added Regina King as one of their directors for season 2. If my love for this series wasn’t huge yet, it sure is now! Season two just started a week ago, so you have a whole season to catch up on!

That’s it for this week’s recap! I’m dying to know which one of the two songs has your preference. If you make it to the episode one of season 2, let me know if the ending had you SHOOK as well! And can you guess this week’s Topic Thursday already? Here’s a little hint, it encompasses the whole month!


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