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Recap Monday: FOMO

25th September 2017

Sugarplums! You know those memes where they put keeping up with school, working, sleeping and an active social life in an equation and each one results in you acing 2 or 3 out of the for. For example, if you keep up with school, work and you’re social life, you’ll end up sleep deprive due to the lack of time left over. I hope with this you catch my drift. If not, the picture should give you a better idea. Last week that was my life. Pretty sure I’m not the only one and this weeks recap is a little boost for all those who are feeling a bit overpowered. You are NOT alone 😉

Week 38, september ’17

Choices courtesy of PinterestI used to complain about being overwhelmed whilst studying for my bachelors. However, four weeks in and I realize how much of a joke that was compare to my current masters program. Some of you might be tired of  another mention of my current student life but that’s what is taking up most of my time/energy at the moment.

Honestly, having nothing to do no longer exist. If so, I’m just choosing to play hooky and ignore the many task just waiting for me. Only for me to despise myself the next day, but I guess your 20s are for making bad choices? In addition, I’d be lying if I said that this “no social life” situation is painless, because it’s not. I have to make hard choices and deal with a boat load of “fear of missing out“! So yeah, this weeks recap Monday is a bit mundane. Besides finally finding a rhythm in keeping up with all that I’m juggling, there’s not much to it.

However with this recap I’m trying to convey that its naturally part of life. As well as subtly relay the reason behind the decline of my activity on social media. Whenever you’re working towards something, it’ll take time for you to see the end product. Instead on focussing on all the sacrifices you’re making along the way. Try and enjoy the journey. In this particular case, because I’m forced to be more picky with the events I attend, I enjoy those that I can partake in it even more. I look forward to them and they are, sometimes, the motivating force that will keep me studying for a little while longer.

As well as, remembering why I do it. Seeing the results in my grades and the fact that I still look human instead of a sleep deprived zombie, makes up for  (most of) it. Also is there even such thing as FOMO when you are the life of the party? I’m convinced every one is experiencing FOMA, fear of missing Alida =P

MonYAY Playlist

Keeping the promise I made, this weeks’ playlist consist of my current 25 most favorite tunes from continental artist. The way to go to help you keep the summer alive, as the temperature slowly declines. Or to make any dull day a very joyfull, entertaining one. I litterally have to stop myself from dancing whilst listening to this playlist. I only hope you’ll feel the same.

Obviously these aren’t all the afrotunes I enjoy so should you crave more, check out my other Spotify playlist “From the Continent“. Though it already consist of 300+ numbers, I’m always on the look out for new songs. Thus if there are nr’s missing, do share them with me. Either here below in the comments, or on my Instagram and Facebooks. Next to food, music is also LIFE & I cannot wait for you to let me know which afrotunes are giving you some at the moment.

Discovery of the week

First off, my amazing group of classmates . Whilst struggling to find a rhythm and comprehending the materials, these girls have made it so much more easier. By making the 9 AM meetings more manageable with the shared discomfort of starting so early. As well as their useful tips of how to get through all the sh*t without loosing my cool & mostly, reminding me of deadlines. Just in case they slipped my mind. Making them true lifesavers!

Secondly, with the end of insecure and power, I am over the moon, euphoric with the return of TGT this week! What I mean by this is the return of Scandal, Grey Anatomy, Law & Order, Star and Empire this week. Not sure if my professors will feel the same but I don’t really care. I mean with all the books, articles and serious topics I’m processing each week, my brain deserves a break. Best way to do so? At the end of a long week, on the couch, binging on the fascinating worlds of Olivia Pope, Meredith Grey, Detective Benson and so much more. Want to know when your favorite show is back? Check out sidereel, it has al the upcoming premieres lined up for you.

Let me know how your week was, share with me which series return you’re celebrating here, on Facebook or IG!


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