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Recap Monday: Surviving Week 2

11th September 2017

Week two of September is behind us, darlings!

Also known as the second week of this new semester. Did you survive? Did you make it? I actually have no doubt you did! Pretty sure you guys are rock stars. I feel it in my bones all the way into my spirit. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it and don’t forget I’m right there with you.

Week 36 september ’17

I have to be honest, my first week was intense. Two different studies on two different universities. True to form, I’m actually doing the most. However, I didn’t feel like choosing, so I picked both (cue Cardi Bs voice). I mostly spend my days running from one class to the other, trying to find my rhythm in managing all three of my classes without drowning in despair. I think I found the answer: Excellent planning and not deviating from it”.

Overal highlight has to be last Friday. Not for the obvious reason that it introduces the weekend but because I went out. I know I said Afrolosjes Mini Festival was going to be my last blow out (forgive me friends for I have sinned, haha). In my defense, it wasn’t all fun and games. I was there on assignment for one of my classes. Bet you wish you were doing the same study as me, right now huh?! The fact that I enjoyed my first assignment so much showed me that I am on the right track. Specifically custom made by/for me. I genuinely hope your week felt just as right to you and the rest will continue to follow suit.

MonYAY Playlist:

As always, music was a huge part of this week. Sometimes I get lost into it so deep, it feels like the music I’m listening to is my soundtrack. I’ve missed some busses and subways because of this, totally worth it. This week my soundtrack was, dare I say it, a Christmas song. Yup early in september and I’m already listening to Christmas songs (just one in my defense). Shouldn’t be a surprise, if you’re a regular here on Le Monde D’Alida. However, I feel I should explain how I got to listening to it.

So the weather has done a complete 360 on us. We went from sunny skies to pouring rain in the same week. Sure, I miss it; the sun that is. I don’t feel like I’ve had enough rays. On the other hand, all this rain is kinda got me in the spirit of Christmas. I’m one of those that doesn’t acknowledge autumn as much as it deserves to be. Instead my brain completely overlooks it and skips straight to winter, aka Christmas. In my mind, cold weather equals Christmas. It’s the only reason I tolerated it.

Not to worry though, I’m well aware I’m in the minority. So no, this week’s playlist doesn’t contain any Christmas songs. Instead 11 of my currently most played songs, old & new, Dutch, English, RnB, Pop, Afrotunes and everything in between. An eclectic mix for the perfect “goedemorgen zonder zorgen” morning 😉

Discovery of the week:

I change the tittle, but the idea is the same. Highlighting a object/subject that has completely consumed me or has left such a lasting impact, I have to share it with you guys. This week it’s not one but two, completely different items. One for the perfect a autumn date night, with whom ever you fancy. The other to complete your perfect rainy day in.

Labyrinth CocktailStarting with the first, this activity will take you out of the comfort of your home but it’s absolutely worth it. Located in the southern district of Amsterdam, the Poetry and Cocktail bar Labyrinth is a gem hiding in plain sight. Not only do they have delicious cocktails, they also host different themed poetry night including open mics. I’ve already decided I’m making that stage mine the next time the opportunity occurs. The best part? Each cocktail they serve is perfectly describe with a poem. I mean if that isn’t the definition of dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s, I don’t know what it. It’s the simple thing that count and they have truly thought out their vision, from a to z. Follow them on Facebook to not miss out on any of their upcoming events.

The second discovery is one for those nights you do not feel like heading out. The perfect show to watch on a rainy day. If you follow me on snapchat and Instagram, you might have seen some clips and reviews pass by. Meaning you already know I’m referring to First dates.

This program is centered around a restaurant hosting many different First Dates at the same time; the only people who have met each other before is the staff. All the other guests are there for a first date, with a potential blind match based on their share likes and dislike. The cameras in the restaurant will give you a seat at their tables as they navigate whether or not it is a match made in heaven. Leaving you both entertained and touched, as you watch these different dates progress. The ultimate show for any sucker for love but even the most cynical of heart will melt at the sight of it.That’s it for this weeks’ recap.

Let’s hope for a less rainy but equally if not more awesome days this week!


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