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Recap Monday: Official End of Summer

4th September 2017
Girl Squad

Like clockwork September has come back around. Besides ringing in a brand new month, it also remind us that a fresh new school year is starting. At least for those everlasting students like myself. Especially for us, lets take a minute to pray/meditate, whatever you fancy, for prosperous semesters. Mine’s already to a great start if I do say so myself. For the simple fact that my courses won’t actually start until Tuesday *insert praise hand emoji*. However, I’m no stranger to the depths of those pesky Monday blues and what better way to combat those than with a recap Monday?! Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Week 35 august/september ’17


How did I end my summer you ask? I’ll give you one little (big) hint. It’s a favorite pass time of mine, especially during the summer. I’m talking about a festival of course, but not just any. The first black owned and afro-tunes centered festival of the Dutchlands (aka the Netherlands) Afrolosjes Mini Festival.

Wasn’t planning on joining this party truthfully. I mean after a summer filled with festivals, way too many dinner/drinks dates and paying my full tuition, my wallet was exacerbated.  My debitcard practically begging me for a break, but yet I still went ahead and bought a ticket. I seemed to have misplaced my card at the moment, but as I’m writing this I actually believed it has gone into hiding. In my defense, this festival was in honor of a friends’ birthday & how can one expect me to say no to a birthday celebration? I mean, next to Christmas birthdays are my favorite holidays. Yes, holidays, I mean they come around once a year and we celebrate. Close enough, but enough rambling; back to the topic at hand, Afrolosjes Mini Festival.

name this girl group

The extension of a banging club concept Afrolosjes and their tagline “this is what Africa sounds like” basically says it all. A whole day filled with local (and continental) DJs and artists playing the latests afrobeats?! Sign me up! Should you even ask? On top of that the sun came out to play! According to the weather forecast it was supposed to be cloudy and raining. I guess the sungods were like, nah… We can’t do them like that. Let’s come together and give them one more beautiful sunny day.

And yes it was a amazing day! From accidentally looking like 1/4 of the flyest RnB girl band, to the food, the drinks but most of all the company. Not just the amazing girls I went with but the crowd of the festival. We were all dead set on making it the perfect banger to close of summer ’17 and so we did (those following me on snapchat had a live view of the lituation).

MonYAY Playlist

This week’s playlist, deviates a wee bit from the topic above. Not afrobeats related, I owe you that one (possibly next weeks’ playlist). However, it is featuring a continental artist, so I guess that still counts right? Anyways, I wanted to highlight one of my friends so I did.

Someone whom tenacity, amongst many beautiful characteristics, I admire. Not only does this show in the way he has stayed true to himself. It’s also reflected in his work ethic. In a ocean of artists following the same –get rich quick– algorithm in a blind pursuit of fame, Jay Way has managed to stick to his own path. With a clear idea and message in mind, the music he creates is a breath of fresh air and truly speaks to my soul (my favorite kind of music). Now that the first single of his upcoming EP ‘No Life No Wifi’ has dropped, I could only dedicate this week’s playlist to his music. Did I mentioned it was a love song?! Got me wishing for my own pile of butterflies. 

Part of me wished I had more space to highlight his repertoire, but considering I started this –nr. on the playlist matches the date– shtick, I’m sticking to it. Just note these are just my favorite 4 songs of his, in a sea of many. So make sure you check out all of his tunes on Spotify/apple music. Whilst you’re at it, make sure you follow him on IG and FB #sharinglikingfollowingisliking.

Read of the week

To match the tittle of this topic, I feel y0u’ll all get some giggles from the roots latest publication. It’ll either remind you of the most disliked becky irking you in real life or you’ll find recognizing yourself in one of the types mentioned. In case of the latter, acknowledgement is the first step, always. Now that I’ve filled my duty of sharing a readable piece, lets go to the item I’m currently in love with. Quite predictably, it’s about love. Black love that it (shout out to my girl Lola for this sentence straight from on of her one minute journals).

In true Oprah Fashion, her network has made way to a new ground breaking addition to TV if you ask me. Black Love is a x-part tv series centered around the age old question “what is the secret to a healthy & therefor working marriage”. From the perspective of diverse group of black couples. Something that is often portrayed as a unicorn in todays society. Which is why I fell in love with this series. It reminds me of the plethora of love stories I grew up around. With the amendment that it candidly speaks about all that comes with –sticky icky often frustrating always welcomed– Love.

That’s it for this week you guys. Let me know you’re favorite Jay-Way song, your opinion on Black Love (in general & OWNs new show) and how you spend your last week of summer down below.


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