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Recap Monday: Blissfully Empowered

28th August 2017
The Glow Up Brunch

Sugarplums! It’s a new day, a new week; specifically a new Monday, which means time for a new recap Monday! Honestly I love writing these, so I hope you love reading them. If you’re new to my blog check out last week’s recap monday to get up to speed on what recap Mondays’ are all about. For now, let’s jump right into it!

Week 34, August ’17.

Charlene and RowanStarting with the highlight of my week: The Glow Up. Brunch this time instead of dinner, wonderfully put together by Rowan and Charlene. Allowing me to meet and create new friendschips. Catch up with friends, whom for whatever reason I hadn’t seen for a while. Besides that, I got to spend my  Sunday morning listening to empowering and inspiring words by Ashaki Leito, founder of the miss black hair pageant. As well as an interactive interview with Simone Weimans, one of the few black female anchors on Dutch tv. However, my absolute favorite part of the day was the self-love seminar held by Rowan and Charlene. Based on a self-created workbook, we got a few different tasks focussing on self-care/self-love journey.

Including the task to write down our perfect morning routines. To write down five different thoughts/quotes which we personally felt gave us a boost to continue on our paths towards our goals. To write all the reasons our hair, mind, body and soul were magic (#blackgirlmagic). The one task that stuck with me the most, was the first one. It asked us to introduce ourselves, to write down what our idea life looked like. Without letting possible restriction stop us, to specifically write down what we were, where we were living and what we were doing.

The Glow UpThough I’ve taken plenty of moments to dream about this, I’ve never ever taken the time to write it down on real paper with a real pen. For some reason I found this the hardest part. In Dutch we have a saying, which translates to “just act normal, that’s crazy enough” and I guess this seeped in deeper that I thought. Never aware of this, I took the opportunity to share my introduction with all the attending ladies. In the spirit of “speaking things into existence” and in an effort to break free of that saying. Extra is my middle name and it should be no surprise that this is reflected in the life I envision for myself. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it’s impossible 😉

Overall the day was a huge reminder to continue to dream big. To believe in my own abilities, my strength and to celebrate those as well as my achievements & to take some time to relish in the process leading towards a goal. Should you read all of this and feel bad that you’ve missed it, do not worry. I will definitely give you a heads up for the next glow up event. I’m even thinking of doing a little give away, let me know if that’s something you’d fancy. Until then, go and take a look on the brand new glow up website and give the workbook I mentioned a try. You will not regret it, pinky promise!

MonYAY Playlist

With every monday recap, you can expect a playlist full of songs describing the week I had. This week I kind of cheated. See I usually collect songs which I’ve played throughout the week. However, this weeks playlist is created on sunday. As I was getting ready for the glow up I felt like listening to the right kind of music to set me in the right kind of mood. Which led met to two power ladies, Solange Knowles and Naomi Wachira.

I’m sure you are well aware of which album I’m about to recommend with regards to the first ladies mentioned. It is “A Seat At The Table” of course. Simply because I do not want to miss any Glow Up table session, they give me LIFE. As well as the fact that the mission statement of The Glow Up perfectly aligns with the message Solange want to bring across with this particular Album. The Kenyan-born and Seattle based Naomi Wachira perfectly combines both in my eyes but adds the continental African perspective. Considering we share the same continental roots, I whole heartedly embrace this. As with The Glow Up, only after finding out about it’s existence did I realize I was missing it. Making her music indispensable.

The playlist consist of my favorite songs by both artist, within the 28 songs maximum fitting todays date. Make sure you check out both artist on Spotify/apple music. As always, I’m dying to hear your favorite song by both, so do share in the comments below.

Read of the week

Well actually more a watch of the week. I’m talking about gem droppings by Amanda Seales. A comedian, actress (plays the role of the hella boujee Tiffany Dubois on Insecure) and content creator. I honestly never hear of her, until she skillfully set out to Caitlyn Jenner why their experience in America are different, resulting in different life experiences. My favorite quote during their exchange?I’m not hostile, I’m passionate“. The perfect comback for everyone who’s trying to paint you as “the angry black woman”.

Ever since I’m kind of obsessed. Fulled even more by her instastories, where she’ll eloquently and hilariously shares some wisdom or just put one of her out of line followers back into their place. Either way, I always end up laughing my ass off and gaining new insights. Who wouldn’t want that? Now once I realised she also had a youtube channel, I had to check it out. There I discovered her monthly segment called “gem droppins”. An extended version of her IG stories, where she goes deeper into one particular topic. My favorite right now? “White Savior vs. White Ally”, because there’s definetly a different!


That’s it for today, darlings! Let me know which part of this week’s recap has captured you mind and remember, sharing & liking is caring. Have a blissful week,



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