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Recap Monday: Ctrl, Alt + Read

21st August 2017
Hello MonYAY

Surprise darlings!

Bet you didn’t expect this on a Monday, huh!? Well for the past few weeks (read two weeks in a row) I’ve been giving something a try on my Facebook; you might have seen it come by. I’m talking about Recap Mondays. It all started with a deep blue Monday which I only got out of by reminiscing on all the highlight of my week before. It made me realize how eventful life actually is. In the fast pace life we live, moments can easily slip trough the cracks. Usually these are the better moments, considering bad ones tend to leave a bigger mark. However, if you take a sec & look back, you realize that it isn’t all that bad. Even through the blue colored glasses of Monday & finding yourself laughing because of a silly/fun/lovable memory is always  an added bonus.

I tried to keep it short and sweet, however I can’t seem to fit the events of 7 days in a Facebook post. Which is why I decided to give “Recap Monday” it’s own post this week. I feel an actual post will do it better justice. Consider it a weekly throwback in an attempt to turn every mundane Monday a MonYAY! Without further ado, here’s the first (of many, hopefully! =D)

Week 33, august’17.

Last week was quite emotional thanks to this lovely thing called PMS. It’s a real thing and for me it means having to deal with an rollercoaster of experiencing every possible emotion in a mere 24h. Which isn’t helpful when I’ve got a full workweek ahead with a number of deadline to meet for my upcoming school year. Needless to say when Friday came around, I was more than overjoyed. Not just because I had the day off from work. It also preluded my last festival weekend, dominated by the highlight on Saturday, aka Encore Festival.

Once again I got lucky! I somehow managed to win tickets for this year too. Which is amazing, I mean who ever says no to free festival tickets is a fool and it definetly aint me. Especially once the full festival line up came out. From Tory Lanez, Maleek Berry to Migos, it didn’t seem to be an event I’d want to miss out on; so I didn’t 😉 However the biggest and best surprise I got was seeing Stefflon Don perform. It’s safe to say that after this, she has become one of my newest musical obsession. As soon as we got home, I took time to listen to her playlist on Spotify and of course I’ve got a favorite song: Envy us.

MonYAY Playlist

As with every Recap Monday, there’s a new playlist waiting for you with exactly 21 numbers (cheeky little reference to today’s date). Though it consists of all of my favorite Stefflon Don numbers, it also highlights another artist. Someone who’s album got me through the whole entire week without loosing my mind. I’m very very late to this party because friends have been telling me to listen to her album. Which I have; bits and pieces, here and there after hearing some of her songs on Insecure (currently one of my favorite shows!).

I’m talking about SZA; in particular, her new album Ctrl. I kid you not when I say I listened to her full album, from front to back every morning last week. As a results, this weeks monyay playlist is all about SZA’s soothing melodies and Stefflon Don’s turn up tunes. Let me know which artist dominate your week, as well as your favorite song from the monyay playlist & do forget to follow the playlist to never miss an update 😉

Read of the week

With the end of summer right around the corner, I was reminded that I had planned to read a bunch of books. Books that I chose myself to replace those mandated by my professors in uni. I made quite a start at the beginning of summer, but unfortunately this promise to myself slipped my mind. Which is how were are here now.

With about two weeks left of my summer holiday, I’m determined to read at least two of the x number books collecting dust in my bookshelf. Starting with “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.  Seeing it on my friends’ IGstory was the push I need to finish it. Especially since she started reading after seeing it on my IG post a few months ago. I should be ashamed she’s already done, but I guess starting late is better than never. Let me know if you can relate with this broken promise to yourself, which book have been giving you the side eye this summer and which books you’ve actually got to read.

Second must read of the week: the september issue of the Dutch Vogue magazine. Specifically because of the article highlighting two of my favorite up and coming power ladies, Rowan Blijd and Charlene Hiwat-Kortstam. I just had to buy my own copy, sit down and relish in this moment. Besides the much needed addition of melanin to this otherwise stark with magazine, this article is also a celebration of their achievements. It’s been great to see how far they’ve come since their first Glow Up (more update on the next Glow Up Dinner to come this Thursday). To see them getting the recognition that they deserve is a beautiful reminder that hard work pays off. That no matter what the circumstances, the impossible is still possible; better yet to always shoot for the moon because the worst scenario is you reaching the stars (Not to shabby in my opinion).

That is it for this weeks recap! I’m curious to hear all about your last week, so don’t shy away from sharing your highlights with me in the comments and hopefully this has turned your blue Monday in a -very pale barely noticeable- blue Monday.


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