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Getting Rid of a Bad Mood: my go to instant moodboosters!

9th August 2017
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This was not the post I envisioned sharing with you guys today. However, this is le monde d’Alida, aka my world (I hope by now our world) & just like in the real world sometimes shit hits the fan. Not everyday sunshine and sunrays you know, somedays things just don’t go as planned & for me that was yesterday.

I wasn’t pleased with the original post I had written for today and I hate to put out something I’m not fully behind. I was tired of my braids (it happens ), so decided to take them out with an new hairstyle in mind & though I’d call myself a skilled amateur hairstylist, my hair just didn’t want to work with me. On top of that, I had to deal with someone claiming my time as if it is theirs. Resulting in a complete re-arrangement of my plans for the week (for the worst, not for the better) without any consideration for MOI. This was the last drop, which prompted me to go to bed and just call it a day.

Sadly, due to all of this my mood to a hit and I’m the kind who hates going to bed in a funky mood. I like to resolve things, otherwise I fear they might linger in to the next day & being a morning person, I hate waking up in a bad mood even more than going to bed with it. So, I tried and tried to shake it off (letting things go is still one of the things I’m working on). Subsequently, I figured I’d share my go to fixes to shake off a funky (aka frustration) mood in a heartbeat!

  1. Work it out

    Yeah, in two years your girl went from eating her frustration to actually working it out. Whenever I’m frustrated/things don’t seem to go my way & I need a release, getting active is my go to choice. My personal favorite is the horizontal mambo (if you catch my drift 😉). If that’s not an option for whatever reason (he/she might be the culprit, might not currently exist or you’re practicing abstinence) I’d say actually work out (in the gym, go roller-skating/for a run/a bike ride).

    The point is to change your surrounding. Physically take your mind off of what’s actually bothering you (especially if you have no influence on it). Use that negative energy and release it in a positive way. If you ask me, this is THE fastest way to get over frustration/stress. Especially if it’s caused by something you have no control over and you just need to let it go (let it goooooo #elsavoice).

  1. Twitter is BAE

    laughingLet me explain. In cases where I can’t change the situation and I just have to deal with it (either due to my own limitations or others lack of knowledge in how to apply logic, yes this is lowkey highkey shade) laughter is the best medicine. The biggest source of that for me is TWITTER. Honestly, I don’t think people understand how valuable twitter is (for more than just laughter, but that’s another story for another day).  From the best punchline, people who are way worse off and  making light of their situations, to the shadiest replies to slick tweets (you’ll feel the burn for the receiver, that’s how good they are). Also the best resource for the most heartwarming pictures/video, restoring your faith in humanity. Twitter’s got it all.

    This is how I partially got over my funky mood last night (option 1 was a no go due to the fact that I’m single AF & the gym was already closed). I had a good laugh off of my timeline & I’d like to thank all those who made it possible. Feel free to choose your personal favorite social media platform. It’s all about taking your mind of off what’s bugging you and realizing that’s is not the end of the world. It could’ve been worst and at least ya didn’t die, right?

  1. Talk it out

    So my mood was so bad (I really had a hard time letting go), twitter alone couldn’t fix it. I ended up calling a friend and he was so kind to lend me a listening ear (MAJOR shout out to him!). I got all the room to vent. Let out exactly what happened, including every detail making the vent that much longer. As well as exactly why it bothered me and how it all was supposed to be. The best of all was the fact that he found ways to make me laugh at my own pain (mostly because he laughed at it HARD). There’s a reason they say, laughter is the best medicine. To be honest, my bad mood wasn’t due to something too serious so I found it easy to laugh about it. Like I said, at least I didn’t die you know.

    Be that as it may, I understand that not everything is laughing matter. The point is to have someone who’s willing to listen to you (and if possible eventually make you laugh). Not holding in all those thoughts and feelings will make letting go of the bad mood that much easier. Trust me. Should you not have anyone, just holla at me. I mean it. Most of the times I’m up way past my bedtime. Besides for someone who talks as much as I do, it’s only fair I listen as much too. You know where to find me <3

  2. Find a silver lining

    Once you’ve moved through the steps of getting over a funky/bad mood (whether those mentioned above or your own) try and find a silver lining if you can.

    For example, mine are that I’ll just do something else with my hair & leave the new hairstyle to when I have more time. Practice makes perfect and I know I’ll eventually succeed. Besides, I’m skilled in numerous other styles, so it’s not like I won’t manage. With regards to others claiming my time as their own, I reclaimed it. Decided not to bend over backwards

    (and break my back) just to please them. They are just going to have to do with whatever I offer them, because it’s my time (duh). Lastly, it might be way over midnight and I’ll probably regret going to bed this late in the morning, but I finally got to write a post that I’m fully behind. Continuing my running streak of regularly posting without compromising the standards I’ve set for myself.



As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. It was the cherry on the cake to changing my mood for the better. Also share your tips on how to get over a bad mood. What is your go to healthy/positive vice? To those who reacted to my quest for post suggestions.  Thank you so so mucht! I really appreciate it & I haven’t forgotten about it. They’ll be up soon, trust me.


ps: sharing & liking is caring <3



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