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Summer ’17 Festival Lookbook

26th July 2017
Summer '17 Festival Lookbook

Buttercups! Another Wednesday, aka another halfway mark of the week and for me, just a few more days to the next festival of the summer. If you’re a regular Le Monde d’Alida reader, you know I love love love me some festivals. Last year I told you how I spent my summer festival hopping from Pride to Appelsap closing off with Encore Festival and this summer is no different. Considering I already shared my favorite festivals to visit last year, I though I’d share some festival outfit ideas this season. Especially after realizing that there’s a red thread going through my festival outfits thus far. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve seemed to have developed a new found love for mesh. Not only was it the main player of my Amsterdam Open Air outfit, it was also a major part of both of my Afropunk  outfits.

Here’s the disclaimer. I’m no acclaimed fashionista. Just a woman who loves to try new things and is no longer afraid to take a risk when it comes to her wardrobe anymore (after shedding the insecurities I’ve had, still flaring up here and there, I mean they’re never truly gone forever unfortunately; but that’s a story for another post 😉). Which is why I went BIG with two of my festival outfits thus far, considering I chose to wear full mesh dresses.

However, I understand that not everyone is ready/willing to make such a statement, so for this lookbook I went for just mesh items. Leaving it up to you as to whether you choose to dress them up or down. Furthermore, keeping in mind that the weather in The Netherlands can be quite fickle, both suggestions are parable with jeans and if needed a raincoat/rain-boots ;).  Another happy coincidence is that both looks are budget proof. I’m a firm believer in trying out new fashion trend without breaking the bank. Most trends will come and go or you might end up not liking said trend after all. It would be a shame if you’d spend all your hard earned cash on something temporary, don’t you agree?

Without further ado, here are my two mesh inspired festival looks.

Festival Look 1.

Sunglasses: Thrifted

Oversized Mesh Hoodie: Forever 21

Bikini Top: H&M

Denim Shorts: H&M

Laced Up Heeled Boots: Zara (previous season)

Festival Look 2.

Denim Jacket: Forever 21

Sunglasses: BB Junky

Mesh Crop Top: Forever 21

Bikershorts: Thrifted 

Laced Up Boots: H&M (previous season)


As you can see, I’ve tried to add the links of the stores where I bought each item mentioned. Unfortunately some of the clothing I’m wearing aren’t from this season, but previous ones and others are only available in stores and not online. In these cases the link will direct you to similar items from the same stores (mea culpa =$).

Now, after showing off my ideas,  I’m dying to hear what your current fashion obsessions are! As well as which of the two looks has your preference & why! Let me know down below! Should you be going to any of the festivals I mentioned, share so we could meet up (I’d love to!) and if you’re going to different ones, enlighten me so I can tag along next summer!

Closing, I want to take a minute to thank my girl V for shooting these amazing pictures. She is absolute the best for putting up with me & working with me on the styling of both looks. Check her IG for more amazing shots and even better style suggestions!



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  • Reply Helene Christelle 1st August 2017 at 20:57

    I love love the color on you with the pink mesh <3 <3
    Also let me not get started on how those shorts fit 👀👀

    • Reply LMA 2nd August 2017 at 08:10

      I hope it’s all good hahah! Thank you for reading darling!

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