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Little Reminder

5th July 2017
Hey you!

It’s been a while, I know but I’m back. This time with a little reminder, specially for you.

So here it goes: 

There are plenty of people ready, and I really mean ready, set, go, to tear you apart. Shred you into the smallest pieces. Only to then stomp on you whilst already having buried you lower than six feet deep in the ground. They’ve been collecting whatever you’ve shared, done/didn’t do, waiting for the perfect moment to hit you upside the head with it. Knocking you out harder and faster than Mohammed Ali ever could. Furthermore they’ll make it their daily mission to speak badly of you. Gladly use all their energy to send nothing but negativity your way, using the most harshest methods, with the single hope of breaking you. Rejoicing in knowing they altered you, your nature, you soul. Forever changing the person you once where for the worse, never for the better. Most of the time you won’t even see it coming, I promise.

Which is why you, yourself, do not need to add to that. We all know we are our own worst critics because we know exactly what will hurt us the most. But considering there are plenty of people willing to fill that position, why should you be one of them? Why would you give them any more leeway, enabling their breakdown of you by finding ways to talk down about yourself. By minimizing your personal and/or professional achievement and/or by hating/disliking yourself for your mistakes/failures.

The road leading to where you’ve gotten probably wasn’t easy, it rarely is. Same goes for the path you had to take to fully accept and love yourself and whom you’re becoming. Eventhough you might had some help here and there, you only got yourself to thank for getting this far. It is your determination, your strength, your passion that pushed you to try over and over again, that made you decided that giving up is not an option and to keep the faith, that one way or another, your dream will become a reality. Don’t allow anyone make you doubt nor forget that.

Though you hold no power over how someone else decides to speak of you, you have all the power in choosing how you speak/think of yourself.


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