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2017 Elections Update!

12th March 2017
elections checklist

Time for a little elections update my loves!

In less than 72 hours the polling stations will open their door and give you the opportunity to decide how our government will look like for the next four years. Aka 48 months, which equal to about 208 weeks. In other words, 1.460 days! Time is ticking and with this post, my aim is to give you all the information needed to cast a vote. As well as some last minute election related programs you could watch. In order to either solidify your choice or help make a definite decision!

Most importantly: Election day is on the 15th of march. Between the hours of 7:00AM-9:30 PM, polling offices
throughout the country will be open for you to cast your vote.
All you need is to be older than 18-year-old. To have a valid voting pass, which you should’ve received in the mail by now. In case you haven’t received one or you lost yours, you can ask for a new one in the same city hall of the town you live in. Lastly, you’ll need identification in the form of a passport, identifications card, a driver’s license or immigration document.

Contrary to popular belief, your ID doesn’t have to be valid on the day of voting. As long as the expiration date of your ID
isn’t older than five years, you’re allowed to use it.
Also, if any of the first three IDs has been issued in a EU country, other than the Netherlands, but clearly state you’re a Dutch citizen, you’re allowed Votingto used them as well. In case of a missing IDs, whether due to loss or theft, you can use a copy of the police report concerning the missing ID in combination with a document bearing your name and picture as ID. For example, a library card with your name and picture, together with the police report will do. The official election results will be announced on Monday the 20th of March. For more information on anything election related, check out the official election site.

With that said, let’s move on to the event agenda leading up to the elections. As I mentioned, there are and have been a lot of televised programs surrounding these elections. Down below, I’ve listed all the event I plan on watching. Just as a way to keep up with the developments surrounding the elections. Also to either solidify or possibly change my final decision.

-Monday 13-03-2017

House of Commons 1 to 3 re-watchable online through NPO gemist.

Election Debate One Today
A one on one debate between de Wilders from the PVV and Rutte from de VVD.
Currently the leading parties of the elections and in the current parliament.

Pauw and Jinek: The elections
A talkshow centered around all politicians, political commentators, public figures and key guests from the news about the upcoming election campaign.

-Tuesday 14-03-2017

NOS Final Debate NPO 1.
The last debate between all party leaders on the eve of the election.

-Wednesday 15-03-2017: Election day! 

• Vote in one of a polling station near you from 07:30 to 21:00.
If you don’t feel like spending election day by yourself, you don’t have to! You could visit a nr of event, such as the two named below. Both will provide you a live following of the elections, the results, exit polls and analysis combined with live entertainment delicious food & drinks!

Concrete Blossom: Election Night
In case you don’t feel like spending election day by yourself.
19:00 onwards. Armitius, Rotterdam

Political Café: Parliamentary Elections
20:00-23:00, OBA Amsterdam

In case of questions or if there’s an event I’ve miss, do share it with me in the comments section. Also, I’m always here for an honest and open discussion, so hit me up if you feel like discussing the current elections!


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