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Discovering The Big Apple

15th February 2017
The Big Apple Amsterdam

With Valentine’s day behind us, I’m guessing you’re either floating on cloud nine off of your V-day celebrations. Or you’re overjoyed your single status is now just that and no longer a trigger for unsolicited sad faces and sounds. Perhaps yesterday was
just another Tuesday, making today another Wednesday representing the weeks halfway mark. Either way, I’m here to hopefully add to an already merry day or make it a little bit brighter. How so? How bout a visit to The Big Apple without extensive traveling or vast expenses? I’m not referring to NYC. You’ll still have to board a plane for that. Instead the Big Apple refers to a brand new dinning spot I discovered over the weekend.

After our original venue felt through we, me and my gorgeous date, found ourselves making our way to one of our usual locations.
Which is when we stumble upon The Big Apple. An American style restaurants located in one of Amsterdam liveliest streets. Now here’s the thing with trying out new restaurant. It’s basically gambling, if you ask me, with you tastebuds substituting for money. You can either stay on the safe side and go with a restaurant where you’ve eaten before. Maximizing the chances of you having an amazing meal. Unless the chef has an off day, you’re dinner will probably be delicious. However, certainty is rarely exciting which is why we find ourselves tossing the dice & willing to try something new. Risking a torturing experience for our tastebuds so vile they’ll actually feel betrayed for no good reason. Well aware of all the risks, we decided to take the plunge.

Side note: is there ever a good excuse to betray your tastebuds? I think not. I mean food is life and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Right as we entered, the modern decor with rustic accents set the perfect at home atmosphere. Though the decor is definitely a big deal of a dining experience, the food is what makes or breaks an evening. Our dinner consisted of a breadbasket & onion rings appetizers. Followed by a mixed grill for two, including a rack of lamb, succulent rack of ribs, a piece of tender steak amongst others, as well as crispy fries. Bringing our dining experience to an end with a homemade brownie and red velvet cake dessert.  All the while we were sipping on a ‘sex on the beach’ and ‘mojito’ cocktails, with the right amount of strength to hold our convos. From the interior design to the menu and the impeccable service, this would be considered a winning streak. Needless to say neither us or our Desserttastebuds regretted taking the plunge onThe Big Apple.

If you were looking for a place to surprise a friend, lover or loved one who claims to know all the great dining places in Amsterdam. This is the place to take them without breaking the bank. Also do share what you had so I’ll know what to try next time visiting The Big Apple.

Happy Eatings my fellow foodies,


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