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2016 Happiness-Jar | My first video!

26th January 2017
2016 Happiness Jar

Last sunday, I finally did it! I uploaded the video of me going through my 2016 Happiness-Jar!

Yes you’ve read it right, I said video. Ya girl done change on ya, keeping you alert & what not ;).  Here’s the 401. Throughout 2016 I wrote all (read most) my memorable moments & put them in a jar. The idea was that with this I’ll have a way to look back at the past year through the lenses of these incredible experiences. Boy was this a beautiful surprise.

If you would’ve asked me before filming this video, I would’ve said that 2016 was an ok year. Not all that great but considering I survived it, healthy and in one piece, not all that bad either. However, after filming a 20+ minute video, that no longer is the case. Looking back at 2016 in this manor made me realise how blessed I’ve been in 2016. All the trials and tribulations that came my way did not result in me wasting that year away. Instead they led me to know myself better, to prove my insecurities wrong and prove myself that I am more capable and able than I ever imagined. Most importantly, this experience made me realise how lucky I am to have those around me that support me and love me unconditionally.

One could say filming this video in itself has become one of my 2017 most memorable moments. Not just because it made me realise how fortuned I have been and still am. It also gave me an opportunity to test my skills in a new field, which is shooting & editing a video. This was such a party, I´m certain it won´t be the last. For now, if you haven´t yet, you check out my 2016 Happiness Jar video right here or on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe for future videos 😉

To conclude, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who read, watch, share and like everything I create here on Your support is noted and highly appreciated. Also, like always I’m hella nosey, so share you most memorable moments from 2016 in the comments below.



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