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Your guide into surviving the Winterblues

7th December 2016

bestand-06-12-16-23-15-36Call it the December blues or a winter dip. This year I’ve seemed to become a committed member of this particular subscription. Which is out of the ordinary for me. As you all know, December is one of my favourite months. Way before anyone else, you can hear me singing along to Christmas songs. Furthermore I do not wait until after Halloween nor Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decoration. I mean, we should be happy I take them off in the first place. However this year’s different.

The sun seems to rise über late and set super-duper early. Making my days consist of nothing but gloomy darkness. Besides, it feels as if the pink veil that usually casts itself around the world has been lifted this year, without a warning. Leading to a rude awakening as I’m suddenly confronted with cynicism and sarcasm where I used to be embraced by the warm & cosy Christmassy friendliness.

This said, I wouldn’t be me if I would just accept this as facts. I mean I am not the type to bow down to defeat. I might lose a battle, or two, or three, but I tend to win wars.  Considering I muster up the strength to get up, dust myself off & ready myself for another fight. In my opinion, you’ve only truly failed once you’ve completely given up. As a result of this, I have mastered the art of starting, over and over and over. Here’s how I’m surviving this December dip:

Survival tip #1.

Realise you can start over at any point in time. Truth time: the procrastinator in me would have me wait until the next day, next Monday or worse the new month. No matter how appealing this seems, why wait when you can start changing right here and right now. I usually give myself five extra minutes before actually starting, but that’s all I allow myself. Otherwise, days will fly by, months will pass, seasons will change. Before I know it I’ll be starting a new year exactly in the same spot I ended the previous one.

Survival tip #2.

You are your one & only competition. I haven’t mastered this as well as I’d like, but I am aware of it & that’s the first step. In today society, we are prone to share our best days, our greatest accomplishments & the amazing results that follow. Leaving others to wonder how we got there so fast & seemingly easy. Realize that this is highly misleading. Due to the fact that we have no clue what another had to do, what they had to sacrifice nor how hard they had to work in order to get where they are.

However, when it comes to our own goals, we have exactly all the information and insight of how we got there & nobody can take that away from us. Instead of spending you time, enviously glaring over the fence, focus your view on YOU. Let your past be a reminder of how far you’ve come & what you’ve accomplished thus far. Realize that you are more capable/stronger than you’ve ever imagined and let that motivate you towards your next step. After all, only you knows in which direction that should be.

Survival tip #3.

Instead of hiding them away in a box somewhere deep inside your soul, embrace your emotions. Unlike what this world might teach you, they aren’t a sign of weakness. Rather a manifestation of you humanness, your tenacity and that shouldn’t be stigmatised but celebrated. Personally I think that it takes a lot of strength to acknowledge your emotions. This will not only help you process them better. It will also lead you and those around you to have a better understanding of your behaviour. Most of our actions are driven by our emotions/ feelings. Understanding them will allow you to deal with them in a healthy & productive manor.

Truth time: I find it extremely hard to hide my emotions, good or bad and with the latter I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world if I cannot express or talk about them. Which is why I prefer to set them free, lol.

Survival tip #4.

This one is a continuation on the previous tip. Try not to dwell on your emotions. What I mean is that it’s easy to get sucked in by our emotions, especially the bad ones. You could loose yourself in them. Ask any of my friends/siblings and they will tell you I never shy away from a good cry session. Truth be told, I sometimes plan them in & will deliberately watch a movie or listen to a playlist that I know will make me cry. Sometimes a good, ugly cry session is good for the soul you know. Now this might work for me & not for you which is completely fine; to each their own. The most important thing is that after my moment of self-pity, I dust myself & force myself to carry on with life. Whether I’m completely over whatever made me feel sad/frustrated/insecure or not. I know I just said that behaviour is usually cause by our emotions.

However, I’ve learned that we still have the ability to control them and thus actively change them. Just like a sad song can bring me to tears, a happy song will lift me up & have me smell all the roses, though nothing blooms in winter. Consequently, just like I have a playlist of songs that will jerk every single tear I have inside me, I also have a playlist of songs that I absolutely cannot sing sadly. They always put a smile on my face. Remind me that ‘this, whatever that may be, too shall pass’. With that in mind, wouldn’t you hate missing out on a great opportunity, all thanks to a situation that, sooner or later, will loose its relevancy?

Survival tip #5.

Shared pain is lessened, thus never shy away from asking help. If what you’re dealing with feels like more than you can handle, REACH OUT. To your significant other, your friends, your siblings, your parents, a teacher, colleague, on an online platform, anonymously. The important thing is that you reach out and seek the help you need.Whenever you fall ill, have a tooth ache, people will rush to advise you to see a doctor or a dentist. Yet when it comes to mental aches, there’s still this taboo on the topic of seeking psychological aid. I’m here to tell you that that’s nonsense. For those in the Netherlands, know that your GP office usually has an in house psychologist. Most insurances cover this, so the help is closer than you might expect.

Should you be the one in which someone confides in, be the listening ear they might desperately need. Take their issues seriously, do not play them down & they’ve confided in you for a reason. Honour this & keep what they share to yourself. Lastly, if needed, try to support that person towards the right services so that they can get the assistance they require.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope you haven’t missed me too much in my absence. I’m gonna go look for that Christmas Spirit of mine now, lol! As always, I live for your comment and ofcourse your very own survival tips. So go on, give me life & fill up that section down below!



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