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MKBM Challenge Update #1

19th October 2016

Another long read today my loves, are you ready?

I finally finished phase one of #mykillerbodymotivation! I made it, BLESS! I’ll start off with the comparison between my weight before the challenge and after completion of phase one. Followed with my personal experience with the challenge and end with a few personal likes and dislikes thus far.

According to the book, if you follow the challenge precisely you ought to lose a kilo a week. I started off weighing 72,5 kg and by the end of phase one weighed 69,3 kg. Meaning I lost a total of 3,2 kg. Am I happy with these results? Extremely! First of all because I didn’t follow the diet-plan and workout schedule to the t. Secondly because I went into this challenge quite sceptically. I didn’t really think I’d book the results I did. So I am happily surprised and freshly motivated to continue on. Now to my personal experience with phase one.

My Killerbody Motivation Challenge BookOne word: HARD. I found phase one quite tough, for a couple of reasons ( thankfully starving myself wasn’t one of them). Mainly due to the break-up between me and the LOVE of my life: CHOCOLATE! We all have our guilty pleasures. Some need a glass of wine to unwind, other reach for bake goods whenever things get rough. Me on the other hand, I´ve always and will always, choose chocolate. I can’t remember a time that I deprived myself of having, literally, ANY chocolate. I mean, my love for it is so strong that there used to be a time where I always carried a chocolate item with me and where not a day went by without me having some type of chocolate consumption.

If you ask me, the hardest thing you have to do in this challenge is breaking up with your guilty pleasure.  You’re not to have anything outside the scheduled meal plan. Though this was absolutely the toughest break-up I’ve ever been through (pretty sure I experienced some withdrawal symptoms) I’m proud of myself. Not only for making it four whole weeks without caving in but also for the insight I gained. I never knew how easy I was to myself, giving in to each and every craving I had, allowing myself to eat whatever I liked, whenever I wanted to with no portion control, until now. I finally learned that every craving eventually subsides and that there are healthier ways to deal with life then eating your way through it.  Which leads me to the second reason why this challenge was so rough, DISCIPLINE.

I always considered myself to have quite some discipline until I started this challenge and had to commit to doing Favorite MKBM Challenge mealthings I’m not particularly fond of. Starting with having each and every meal of the day perfectly planned. I’m the kind of person that chooses her meals depending on how I’m feeling that day. Some days I might want cereal for breakfast, other days I’ll wake up craving scrambled eggs. Save to say there’s hardly a day where I eat exactly the same meal as I did the day before and this was exactly what was expected.

I wasn’t looking forward to it and I got really fed up with the prescribed meals by week four, but to be completely honest I do understand the reason behind it. Having you meals scheduled, from a to z, means you can prepare them in advance which eventually keeps you from straying because it not only reduces the chance of making the wrong decision, by limiting your options. It makes it easier to go with the right, dare I say responsible, choice.

Another thing I needed discipline for was working out. I’ve never been the sporty/athletic type and I picked up working out just recently. Though before the challenge, I aimed to work-out three times a week, I didn’t enforce this as strict as might be needed.

With this challenged, I was set on changing that. Which led to me overextending myself during week one. I tried to work-out four times a week, which was unreachable due to how busy my life is and I failed. I only managed to go three time. Not bad, but it did leave the bad taste of failure and had me slightly demotivated. To keep this from happening again and to make my life easier, I cut back to working out three times a week. Learn from my mistake and start off slow, you can always build up to more if you then realize you can handle more.

Overall I have three likes and dislikes worth mentioning. Starting with the latter:
  1. The fact that the book wasn’t always as clear as needed. For example, the amount of the ingredients differed between the recipe & the prescribed meal plan. So when cooking a certain recipe, you have to be alert to use the right amount of an ingredient (as is listed in your meal plan, instead of in the cooking instructions)
  2. This book isn’t really single-household friendly. All the recipes in the book are for a minimum of two portions so if you’re single, as I am, you have to cut the portions in half and make sure you’re not consuming more than you should. Also the groceries list isn’t single-friendly either. For example, some recipes ask for just ½ of an avocado. If you’re single like I am, the other half of the avocado will probably perish before the next time you need it.
  3. So far this meal schedule isn’t really social plans friendly. Let’s face it, in real life you won’t always be able to eat at home for whatever reason and it would be handy to have a guideline as to where/what you could eat in these situations. Now you just have to wing it, I guess.
Three Likes:
  1. This isn’t a starve yourself to death diet. I thought it was but thankfully after reading the book & experiencing phase one, I’m proven wrong. Sure the portions are controlled but they’re not extremely small. Furthermore you have to eat six times a day. There are three sets of snacks in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case this still isn’t enough, you’re can top it with as many vegetables as you’d like.
  2. The fact that there’s room for some variety when it come to the meals and work-out schedule. You are offered a choice between schedules to work-out at home or at the gym. So you get to choose which one you’re more comfortable with and which one suits your lifestyle best. Plus you are offered alternatives in case you’re allergic to/ don’t like whatever ingredient is listed. Leaving minimal room for excuses as to why one can’t work out/ eat what is prescribed. 
  3. The tips of how to cope with moments when you’re ready to give up. What really kept me from caving in, was the reminder that the satisfaction of that craving will last a few minutes. The satisfaction of reaching your goal will last a lifetime. Also that you should have a visual reminder handy for those moments. That  way you have a visual representations of what you’re working towards. Never thought of this before reading the book & it really stopped me from going off tract.

All and all I’m happy with the results thus far. Not just the physical ones but the mental ones as well. The amount of cravings I have and the durations of these cravings is steadily subsiding. I’ve stopped eating out of boredom. As well as using food to comfort me (didn’t even realise I did this until now). Now that I have a clearer view of what my weaknesses are, I hope continue making better choices by anticipating moments of weakness and preventing myself from going off the deep end (aka finishing a whole ben&jerry’s pint in one setting and not even realising it afterwards). 

Little confession:  I did have one moment of weakness. I thinks this was in week two or three. I woke up and the rebel in me didn’t feel like following the rules. Instead of having what was scheduled for that day, I indulged and had what I felt like having. Breakfast that morning consisted of two sunny side up eggs with a few slices of bread and honey.  Also, some days I just didn’t have the prescribed ingredients at hand. Thus I had to improvise trying to stay within the margins of the book.

Whilst you’re reading this, I’ll be in my third day of phase two so wish me luck. Hopefully this phase goes better than the last one. Also, if you a fellow #MKBM-er or currently challenging yourself in a different way, make yourself known, that way we can motivate eachother. Afterall, the more the merrier, right? As per usual, all your questions/comments are welcome. I look forward to reading/answering them, just drop them down below!


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