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12th October 2016

Well not really; at least not for me. I still have a few weeks before I’m officially aloud a cheat day. No correction, cheat meal. That’s another thing I’m trying to get into my system. It’s just a MEAL, not an entire DAY! Well back to today’s subject,  I’m currently in the fourth week of my #MKBM challenge and you guys, it’s HELLA hard. I never knew how much I valued & appreciated junk food.

Wondering how I’m coping? Well I’m a list maker at heart and that’s exactly what’s keeping me going at the moment. I’m keeping a list of all the things I’d love to eat. It might seem contradictory, compiling a list of all the things you can’t have. Wont that make the temptation bigger? Isn’t that just pure torture? Well no, no to me. First of all, I want to remember every meal I thought of to ensure they finally make their way onto my taste buds. Secondly, not only will I have the satisfaction of eventually eating all of it, I get to tick it of my list as well. Ehm, double win if you ask me!

The actual list is hella long and I keep on adding different dishes to it as I go along, so for our convenience I’ve limited myself to just the top 5. And hey, just because I have to wait exactly 60 days and one night, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s Wednesday, I think you deserve a treat, for making it halfway through the week. Go ahead, let this list inspire your inner junkfood junkie & enjoy it for the both of us.bestand-11-10-16-22-20-18


Me and her go way back! Honestly, I couldn’t live without her. Don’t tell my friends but she’s actually my bestie. I truly believe all the articles stating that eating chocolate produces chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy & fuzzy from the inside. That’s exactly what happens to me every single time I take a bite of this. However, I am picky and I have a favourite. Toffifee! That right there is my JAM! I cannot wait to indulge myself with a whole box of Toffifee. Yeah you read it right, a whole box. All 15 incredibly, sweet, delicious, pieces.

2. CAKE!

Not just any cake though. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful friend, who happens to be a master in BAKING. Coincidence? I think not! This is a match made in heaven. I mean I love cake, I love eating cake and she enjoys baking them. Whatever comes from her oven tastes incredible. Cake, bread, you name it, she will put her foot in it. Can you believe that she bakes every single week for a cat café here in amsterdam and I’m to suffer from all the pictures of her creations? It’s pure torture! I already made her promise to bake me my favourite cake from here catalogue. REDVELVET. No I won’t share and not one bone in my body feels bad about it…


Yeah yeah, it’s getting cold outside but that has never stopped me from eating ice-cream. I am the queen of ice-cream combinations, ask around and my reputation will speak for itself. I’m not craving any old flavour. No I’d like to dive into a pint of Ben & Jerrys Dough-ble Impact as well as a pint of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Caramel Brownie ice-cream. Christmas is around the corner and I will not be disappointed to find these in my stocking. No mam! Sign me up!bestand-11-10-16-22-20-07


I couldn’t chose one of these so I put them in the same category. I mean, it’s my list so I can do whatever I like, right? Preferably served steamy, covered in a sweet sauce may it be chocolate or maple syrup. Add some chocolate chips, berries and I’m in paradise. Mook Pancakes has exactly this combination, I’ve had it a couple of times and it never fails me. I’m open for new places, new combos so if you know a good spot. Remember, sharing is caring;)

5. BARA!

Closing the list this delicitous salty snack. I was very late to the party but ever since my first bite this has been one of my favourite Surinamese snacks. I mean how can one say no to a deliciously salty, well-seasoned, spiced, warm doughnut. That’s the best way I could describe it and I know I didn’t do it any justice. Best way to find out is to just have one, or two. I prefer mine stuffed with chicken & pickled cucumber. YUM! Who can hook me up with the best place to eat one? Or better yet, teach me how to make one? I’m willing to travel for it. Also, are there combinations I’m missing out on? Teach me!

Absence has definitely made my heart grow founder and soon these babies will be mine! Until then I’m living/enjoying vicariously through you so let me know what you’ve been indulging in lately! Also if you know something that should absolutely be on this list, let me know! I do no like missing out on good stuff, especially good food!


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