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14th September 2016

Just two weeks into September and it’s already kicking my butt. All these amazing end of summer/begin of autumn events I’d like to attend, with the wonderful weather we’ve been blessed with. Needless to say there are plenty ways I’d like to spend my time. Beside sitting inside a stuffy library knee deep in piles of books, articles, powerpoint slides, etc. (Un)fortunately, I’m already prepping for an exam and as a result my social life in on hold. btw finger crossed and prayers up because I really need/want to pass it. In the meant time, browsing the web, fantasizing about all the other things I’d like to do after this exam is a small consolation. With a little help of Instagram, I’ve put together the three things I’m incredibly, ecstatically looking forward to!

  1. My Concrete Blues.

Being cooped up inside, with a lack of time, is making my wallet thoroughly happy. I on the otherhand, am experiencing a little bit read A LOT of shopping FOMO. So to still this sale hunger of mine, I’ve turned to my trusty Instagram. Spending every free minute scrolling through feed up on feed. The next even more stylish than the previous one and some way outside of my budget. During one of my late night Instagram strolls, I stumbled across My Concrete Blues. A boutique based in the US, run by three sisters. Who chose to bring their passion for style, people and marketing together and follow their dreams. As they put it “We go to work from morning until evening, and then get off and make cool things happen (aka hustle). Things that will, ultimately, help to evolve ourselves and those around us.

I instantly fell in LOVE with one of their items. Unfortunately the shipping fee to The Netherlands made me rethink this purchase and I had to pass. However one late night last week, I re-visited the site. To my delight MY PRECIOUS was on sale fitting right in to my budget, shipping fees included! Needless to say I purchased it. Right now, I’m giddily awaiting the mailman to bring me my highly anticipated package. Keeping my order a secret for now, no worry I’ll share it as soon as I receive it. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself! For now, why don’t you visit the site at your own shopping risk that is & use their sale to your own advantage.


  1. Bulls and Dogs

It should be no surprise that I’m looking forward to eating, HA! As I wasworking on my blog’s update I figured that the love I have for food is absolutely MAD. Which is something I’d love to share with you guys. Thus I comprised a list of restaurants, bars, recipes I’d like to try out with you guys. Leading to this restaurant rising up to the top of my list.

The fact that a Christmas gift was the starting point of this restaurant alone is a sign from the universe that I should visit! Let alone the amazing pictures of the food. Not one day goes by without me being confronted with a picture of a delicious milkshake/hot dog from this place. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into their ‘Texas Hot Link’ hot dog whilst sipping on an Insane Chocolate Devotion/Crazy Vanilla Madness/Sparkling Disco Party/ Screaming Pistachio Blast/ Fantastic Caramel Frenzy milkshake! Yes I’ve already checked the menu. That’s how excited I am! Also, yes I’m planning on having all those milkshake, on different occasions that is. Has anyone of you been there before? If so, is the food as good as the pictures makes it look? Or even better? I’d hate to be dissapointed, lol !


  1. Melody Menu

bestand-14-09-16-12-20-45In my last post I told you all about how I spent my summer festival-hopping and how much of  a blast I had. Now the opportunity to relive those vibes. As well as add to my box of memories has presented itself and I can not/will not pass that up! I’m talking about the mini festival called Melody Menu!

Set to take place in the vibrant neighbourhood of Amsterdam Zuid-Oost on the 25th of September. The event will be hosted by FunX own Angelique Houtveen and it is promising to serve up a delicious five course music and food feast! I’ve already decided I’ll be attending. There’s absolutely nothing that’s going to stop me. However, the more the merrier and I highly suggest you join me! Considering the no entrance fee, there’s no excuses for you to pass up a summer eve filled with great food, amazing music underneath a starlit sky!

Promise not leave you guys hanging and there will most definetly be an update on my experience with My Concrete Blues, if those milkshakes are the kinds that bring all the boys to the yard and which course of Melody menu was my favourite! Lastly, I can’t be the only one already looking forward to something! Let me know in the comment section what you’ve been thinking about!

-xoxo- Alida

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    […] Last week I mentioned that I spend the first few weeks of September studying my ass off. What I left out is that I actually started in august because I was preparing for one of the most important exams of my study career. In my mind, this was the only thing keeping me from finally moving forward in achieving the different goals I’d set up for myself. Once again I put everything on the back burner, fully focussed on that objective especially since it wasn’t my first time. I failed twice before and I was totally fed up; with the exam, the fact that I had to redo it once again but most importantly that awfull feeling of defeat after each failure as well as the taxing feeling of stasis.  Come hell or high water, I was determined to ACE my exam on Thursday. […]

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