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Sweet Summer ’16

7th September 2016

Hold up! Can ya’ll believe September is here already!?

The speed with which the ‘back to school’ banners covered the streets is absurd & I can’t be the only one feeling this way. I’m not ready to face this reality (she types whilst studying for her first exam of the year) so this post is all about what I did this summer! Unfortunately I didn’t get to travel the world. I had what one calls a ‘Stay-cation’ & it@ vunzige Deuntjes! was far from boring! I spent a lot of quality time with my loved ones, enjoyed the sun as much as this rainy country would let me but most of all relaxed & unwind from the stressful semesters with the help of some summer festivals!

Starting with my favourite of this summer, Vunzige Deuntjes. In my opinion, the music was a bit subpar. It was like the DJ’s were sharing the same playlist. However nothing, not even a slight fever, a sore throat and being voiceless, could stop me from having the time of my life. All because of my own unicorn squad. Better known as the four girlfriends I’ve been blessed with since forever. Every moment with them is truly one for the books.

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This little inbetweener is not an official festival, but it sure is celebrated as one! I’m talking about the Gay Pride Parade! Each year, amsterdam dedicates a whole week to celebrating the LGBTQI community & throughout the week the whole city is centered around this celebration. There are tons of activity one can enjoy ending with the canal parade as that weeks highlight. Thanks to a friend birthday traditions I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy this colofur parade and this year was no different!

Next up, Appelsap! Which literally translates to Apple juice and it sure was JUICY! I enjoyed every bit of it! Well whatever left after my super-duper late arrival, haha. The vibe, the music, Fat Joe’s closing performance; I loved it all. However, what really gave me all the life in the world was… My outfit. Can’t nobody tell me nothing because I was feeling myself in my simple blue ripped jeans, sneakers and laced top. So much so that I went on a Instagram spam session to show it off.

Perfectly ended this wonderful summer of mine with Encore Festival! Initially I wasn’t planning on going but then the fear of missing out, aka FOMO, kicked in and I wasn’t about to have it. Guess the universe wasn’t having that either because to my surprise I won free tickets on a Foto 06-09-16 19 05 01FUNX radio game show and thus the decision was made. I was going and boy am I happy I did. I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances and the beautiful, might I add very stylish, audience!

Keeping it real with you guys, this ‘every day party life’ was EXHAUSTING. Nonetheless I’m thankful and overjoyed because it left me with amazing lifetime memories. So tell me, how did you spend your summer? What is your absolute favourite memory? Sharing is caring, my loves & I’m dying to hear all about your experiences from this summer! Drop them down below in the comment section!


 PS: for those wondering what’s in my cups, it’s Lemonade lol.

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  • Reply Chrycka Harper 9th September 2016 at 19:23

    I enjoyes reading about your adventures. I worked a lot of this summer and while that sounds boring to some, it wasn’t to me. I wanted to gain some working experience after graduation and I was able to work at a restaurant and a nonprofit. I visited family and was able to enjoy free concerts. My summer was nicely spent.

    • Reply LMA 10th September 2016 at 22:51

      Omg, Honey! I’m so flattered that you read my blog! Your summer sounds super productive! I hope you’re doing great & I loved hearing from you!

  • Reply Chrycka Harper 9th September 2016 at 19:23


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