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Introducing ‘Bare Faced Poetry’

18th August 2016

Afternoon loves,

First my apologies for being late. Whilst I’m at it, might as well apologize for the quality of the video below & the background noise in it. I really tried, but as mentioned on my facebook & instagram , technology got the best of me. Right now I’m just happy the video is finally embedded into the post to my liking. Now back to the topic at hand, what could I possibly mean by ‘Bare Faced Poetry’? Here is the breakdown.

Set you freeShould you follow me from the start. You might recall that poetry was the driving force behind the creation of this blog. As I explained in the very first post, Le monde d’Alida was created to be the platform where I could share all the poems. The ones I’ve written, ones I will write in the hope that they might speak to you in any way/shape/form. Flash forward to now and you know that this is exactly what I’ve been doing. Before giving you each written piece, I’d usually introduce it by giving you some background information as to what inspired me to write it. What the poem might mean to me and/or why I decided to share it. Though this was quite demanding in the beginning, I felt it was time to alter the way I presented my poems to you.

On my break, I decided that from now I’d like to add some dimension to every poem by reciting it to you. This will be my way of conveying the emotions behind each poem and also a new way to challenge myself. It’s one thing to write a poem, but the true art lies in the way it’s recited. Which is where ‘Bare Faced Poetry’ comes into play. The name refers to me baring myself poetically. The star of each video will be the poem. Thus my appearance as well as that of the video will be minimalistic.

To jump right into it, here’s the first instalment of ‘Bare Face Poetry’.  It’s a poem you already know, as I shared it during my ‘10 days of poetry‘, called set you free. Should you want to know the full inspiration behind it, I suggest you check out the previous post about it. For now I’d like the video to speak for itself. Without further ado, I present to you the first instalment of ‘Bare Faced Poetry’!

I hope you enjoy it and I cannot wait to hear what you think of it so do leave a comment below!





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  • Reply Olanrewaju_v 18th August 2016 at 15:04

    Awesome and mind blowing …..

  • Reply Olanrewaju_v 18th August 2016 at 15:05


    • Reply LMA 18th August 2016 at 15:57

      Thank you for reading & I’m happy you liked it!

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