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A day at the expo

10th August 2016

Banksy street art 1.

This summer I got to spend some time with one of my favourite humans in this world, my brother! Though we have a substantial amount of years between us, we share a passion for creativity. The way this creativity is expressed differs greatly but we do share a mutual appreciation for art. So when I found out that he was making his way to Amsterdam I instinctively knew he was the one to share the following experience with. We spend some days expanding our cultural proficiency. Visiting different museums in Amsterdam and an exposition. The BANKSY exposition that is. For those who have never heard of Banksy, here’s a little background information. Banksy is an British street art artist. Known for her ‘girl with the hearts happed balloon’ drawing. But mostly being able to keep his/her identity under wraps.

Girl with the heart-shaped balloonBanksy isn’t his/her real name & to this day no-one has been able to give definitive proof of her/his true identity. This is part of the reason why I am so intrigued. I find it fascinating how one individual has been able to keep themselves under the radar. Especially in an era where this seems almost impossible. Almost, since she/he clearly proves it can be done. Not just as a civilian but also as somewhat of a celebrity. If you ask me, that alone is a form of art. In the spirit of ‘girls run the world’, the feminist in me secretly hopes that BANKSY turns out to be a woman haha. In the meantime, we have her/his art to attend to & that is the another reason why I am such a fan.

Banksy street art 2. The way it pokes holes in the old-fashioned manner of how we tend to perceive art, is what attracts me. Bringing it to the street it not only breaks this barrier that art is only for the elites. It also opens up the view that there’s art to find everywhere, even in the most mundane places. The fact that she also incorporates current topics, in a way that provokes thinking & discussions, is just the cherry on the cake. By now it should be clear that I had a great time at the exposition. Beautiful surrounding, inspiring art and great Foto 11-07-16 15 52 43 (1)company, what more could one ask for?

I hope to have sparked some interest, enough to make you want visit the exposition! It’s for display at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam until the 30th of September. Tickets are €19.50 for adults. €8.50 for kids between the ages of 6-16 and €16,50 for students of all ages! Not much of an -art expo- type but you’d still like to know more about BANKSY? No worry, on the 15th of august Floor 17 is hosting a rooftop movie night. Dedicated to Banksy & his/her street art throughout the city of New York. Depending on the type of seat you choose, tickets shouldn’t be more than €15.

In case you’re wondering I’m not sponsored to write this article. I’m merely caring by sharing this amazing experience. If you do end up visiting the exposition or have done so already, I’m curious to how you experienced it. Which painting was your favourite & why. Should you be going to the rooftop movie night, there a big chance we might run into each other. In that case do not hesitate to say hi!



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