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Why January is still mine

1st February 2016
Why January is still mine!

Usually January is my month. First and far most because I was born in January. Also because it hosts the birthdays of many whom are dear to my heart. Therefore I tend to celebrate my way through this month. This year would’ve been the same but by the second week shit hit the fan. In a span of 7 days, I got the flu & a UTI. I also cut my foot on a piece of glass from my broken scale but worst of all, my phone got stolen!! As a result I lost incredible amounts of pictures, blog ideas, countless to do list and so much more. Which is what hurt me the most.

Initially, I put the blame on myself thinking: “why didn’t I keep it in my hand as usual”? “Why didn’t I make that back up before leaving”? “Why did I keep it in my bag instead of my pocket”? Where in fact I shouldn’t feel any of this. When someone else decided to first of all enter my personal space. Without my permission and take something that wasn’t & still isn’t theirs to take. After this realisation, like bish what?!, came anger which got me sending all kinds of terrible wishes towards the perpetrator(s). The easy way out would’ve been to continue on that path. However I decided not to write this whole month off due to one bad week.

Before all this happened, my first school day, which happened to be a Monday, inspired me to write it a –thank you- note. I figured why not spin this bad luck into good luck & devote this month to thanking each day of the week. Not because all my days are amazing, but because I realized things can always be worse.  I mean at least I didn’t die though. Focussing on all that’s wrong will not change anything and will definitely do any good to my mood. Therefore this month’s poem is a seven part thank you note. To each day of the week, making January still my month!




January is still mine!Those that follow me on instagram & facebook know that I’m back online, shout out to my brother from another. Next week I’ll be sharing one part of this 7 part poem a day as well as what inspired that specific poem. Make sure you don’t miss out, @lemondedalida! I can’t wait to hear which day is your favourite and why, so please let me know in the comment section.

-xoxo- Alida






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  • Reply Denise 4th February 2016 at 22:09

    Once again, I adore your poetic writing style! You’ve got me questioning why I ever disliked Mondays in the first place 🙂 Kuddos to you!
    Xx, Denise

    • Reply lemondedalida 4th February 2016 at 22:38

      Your comment just made my thursday;) thank you for reading & commenting!

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