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A toast to Firsts!

1st January 2016

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it through the turn of the year. That’s an accomplishment on its own, so day one of 2016 is starting on a good note. However you chose to ring in the new year, I hope you had a wonderful time. I assume that you are ready for another 365 adventurous day & I propose we start this year with a toast,  a toast to firsts.

Here’s to another round of first.

To the first sunrise ringing in the first of 365 days.

To another first day of spring, first summer breeze, first falling leaf exposing the coming of autumn and the first use of sweaters, coats, scarf’s & hats, putting the idea of winter (back) in our mind.

A toast to all the first love stories; those that already exist & those yet to come. To the first kisses on first dates hopefully inciting the first second date. To the first I do’s ending up in first mornings & nights as Mr & Mrs/ Mr & Mr/ Mrs & Mrs. All the first breaths, the first steps to be taken & the first falls that led to them.

Here’s a toast to all the first heartbreaks bound to happen, once again, resulting a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s disappearing in one night.Come to think of it, that’s another toast worthy first.

Thankfully, we can also toast the first pick me ups. The first of many realisation. Better yet, the first of the first of the last tears to be shed.

To the first memories created in 2016, adding to the vast collection that already exist; of all the first times, the first second times and the all the first last times.

No matter how many times proclaimed that this would absolutely be the last time.

To the first sunset, signing that it’s time to recharge, rest our head and leave all the worries of today in the past. If you’re lucky, tomorrow will become today & you shouldn’t give 2 fucks about what the haters say.

Honestly I copied that last line but you get the drift.

Each day is another start of another round of firsts, take a moment to appreciate them, the good, the bad, the ugly & the sad.

Happy 2016!

-xoxo- Alida.




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