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23rd December 2015

All good things must come to an end & today represents just that for our 10 days of poetry countdown. To soften this blow, I have a little fun fact. This was actually the first post that I wrote for the simple fact that even  before I put my final list together, I intuitively knew this poem would be the one to conclude the list. You see, not all of us are lucky enough to spend this magical time with (all) our loved ones. Sadly, I’m a hands on expert on this.

So I dedicate this last poem by E.E. Cummings to them. They know exactly who they are. In the event that this fact has slipped to the far back of their memories, in case I haven’t said it enough this year, I’d like to remind them that:

I encourage you to do the same, not just this christmas but all year long & not exclusively with this poem, but in your own beautiful way. You are truly the only one that can put into words what they mean to your. If you ask me, that’s the true christmas gift we wish for all year long.

Merry Wenesday!



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