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I hereby vow to set you free

22nd December 2015
Set you free

I thought long and hard, wondering if I would share this poem with you guys, but I decided to do so anyways for several reasons. Obviously because sharing is caring haha &  it is one of my faves. But also because in my opinion, it is a perfect fit with the season we’re in. This time, I’m not talking about Christmast. I’m reffering to the last days of 2015.  As usual, the last days of a year call for reflection. From the thing we did or didn’t do to the things we said/didn’t say and so much more. Who ever you are, I’m certain these last days, you are reflecting about the year you’ve had, wished you had and/or the year you will have.

Personally, the subject of this years reflection has been the art of letting go. Not just of material things or things that are bad for you, eventhough they taste oh so good. Also the good things, that naturaly have to come to an end. No matter how hard you’ve fought against it. Or the comforting dreams/ideas that no longer seem to fit the person you’ve grown into. There’s no doubt that letting go is hard, but it’s part of life and this knowledge is what inspired this poem.



I hereby vow to set you free

After all this time
my eyes have grown tired
Weary of always being propped wide open
For when they shut, memories sink in
and time & time again the endless streams of tears begin

Can’t afford another sleepless night
tossing & turning between all the should’ves & could’ves that let to this
Couldn’t allow my heart to skip one more beat at the fickle hope you‘ll let me back in
Not one scenario has been left untouched
Not one deed has led to you granting me another chance
until here & no futher
For my own sanity,

I hereby vow to set me free

No longer will I stand in your way
The knocking at your door will end to exist
My lips will refrain from uttering your name.

Once again, spread your wings
May you find whatever was lacking
May she be absolutely nothing like me
Clearly that wasn’t your thing.

However much it pains me to say this

I hereby vow to set us free

Of course I wouldn’t be me, if I weren’t curious to what you’re reflecting on. So do share that with me in the comment sections.

Happy -setting free- Tuesday!



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