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21st December 2015

In the spirit of yesterday, today’s post is my personal thank you note.

To all those that ensured that I always knew the treasure that is the melanin of my skin. That never allowed me to feel ashamed of what is clearly a gift, a blessing; inspite of past& present efforts to convince me otherwise. I will forever celebrate your proud peacock struts with that of my own.

Addiction to darkness.

A beautiful rainbow, where no colour is the same.

Mesmerisingly glowing underneath the sunshine.  All the different shades, twinkling & dancing; they light up my eyes.

Guardian of so much history, one would succumb by exploring its mysteries. Get inspired, empowered by half its tales. The other half, yet to be written, never been heard. Fortunate, who ever’s part of that marvel.

One should never make it out to be a bad place, dare to portray it as a disgrace. For he nor she ever took their eyes to the right place, opened their ears to hear the rhythm of its drums. Instead, he & she ought to redefine their vocabulary and master the true meaning of Darkness.

This Darkness is beauty, unique in every way, shape or form.  It’s love. Of a different kind. Love that has swallowed enough heartache, yet never penetrated by hatred. Love that selflessly set aside years of hardship, yet regrettably, Love that is still misconstrued, misread & misnudersood.

& as I stand here, proudly sharing my addiction, my conviction. I suggest you not view this as a weakness. Instead realize I do not need a cure nor any remedies.

For this radiant melanin skin of mine is my crown.

I am my Darkness, and my Darkness is me.


Have a runway monday!

-xoxo- Alida.

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  • Reply Denise 21st December 2015 at 23:19

    Love it!

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