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Thank You!

20th December 2015
Thank You

Sunday’s here! Which means we made it through another week as well as in some cases, an eventful weekend 😉 Accordingly, I feel it’s only fitting that we end this week with a little thank you note.

The elegance of how this poem is written alone makes me wish I could take credit for it, but I have to do with calling myself a friend to the author, Earl Longwood. To me, it illustrates the gentleman that he is & it always puts a smile on my face; a few of the many reasons why this is one of my favourites.

No…thank you!

Thank you for blessing the world with your radiance
A mnemonic for the splendor that perambulates 
Circling our gloominess and cynicism
Rhapsodically diving in
With legerity defenestrating the blemish of despair
Generating visible symphonic sound waves
Turning gauche to grace
The beauty that resides within, expressed through acts and deeds
Appearances that feed the eye
Experiencing sights breathtakingly alluring
Scenes so intriguing
You embody a cynosure
An anatomic paragon
Mankind’s prompting to escape revolting notions
And wrap ourselves in inspiring resplendence

As mentioned before, this isn’t the only one he has written. So do yourself a  favor and check out his own blog.

Also let me know if we share the same favourite & if we don’t, which one you like the most and why.

Wishing you a peacefull Sunday,

-xoxo- Alida.





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