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A blues for Nina.

19th December 2015

Oh the weather outside is frightful and I’m hoping you have nowhere to go & nothing to do tonight. Better have some corn for popping , because today’s poem is a two for one!

What I mean by that, is that the poem I’m sharing with you guys originates from a 90’s movie, called Love Jones. Shout out to the one who introduced me to it! So you’re not just a poem richer, but also a movie.

Little Spoiler Alert.

With the poem, blues for Nina, the lead actor Larenz Tate decides to persue the lady he’s after, graciously portrayed by Nia Long, with his sultry words. Now this is what I call a fairytale. I’ll take a brotha to knight over a prince charming, all day!

Can’t wait to hear what you guys thought of this one! On top of that, I’m truly curious about is who recognized the movie/poem by the title. Let me know in the comment section!

Merry-movie night- Saturday.

-xoxo- Alida



 Video Source @ Youtube.com

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  • Reply Denise 21st December 2015 at 23:16

    Hot damn! I need to see this movie asap! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply The Glass Ceiling 2nd January 2016 at 00:50

    This is absolutely my favorite movie of all time. I saw it will I was a senior in high school and for some reason it had a huge impact on me. It’s probably the most authentic black love story seen in a movie. It’s actually the reason I moved to Chicago and I have not regretted one bit of it.

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