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Lost Voices

17th December 2015

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves behind our laptop purposeless watching one YouTube video after the other, for hours on end. That’s exactly what I was doing years ago when I came across this gem. Unfortunately I know nothing about the authors, Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley, besides the fact that they are incredibly talented and that I absolutely had to share it with you guys.

Able to relate to both narratives, make this another of my favourite poems.

Thought provocking. That’s the effect I hope this poem has on you

Ofcourse, I’m very interested about the thoughts provoced, so feel free to share them with me. Let me know how you reacted to this rhymthmical literary piece.

Happy Viewing!

-xoxo- Alida




Video Source @ Youtube.com

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  • Reply Denise 21st December 2015 at 23:11

    Wow! One of the best spoken word I’ve heard in a while! Amazing!

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