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End of Discussion!

14th December 2015

It’s Monday! As if that wasn’t bad enough, right as you’re reading this I’m sweating over the first of my three exams this week. This gives me enough confidence to imply that a boost to start the week welcomed. By ALL of us. So the first poem I’m sharing with you is: “End of Discussion”.

Written by Kyle Louw. A talented South African who has bagged 4 slam championship titles. As well as represented his province, the Western Cape, in the South African National Slam. Though these are incredible achievements. The reason I’m sharing this specific poem is that I feel it speaks to all of us.  After this the  words: “End of Discussion” will never sound the same.

After this, I’m sure you’re wanting more. So click on: Kyle Louw & you’ll be sent to his personal page where you can find all the information you need.

Lastly, sharing is caring. So spread these beautiful words & grant others the chance to start their day just as great as you did!

Joyfull Monday!

-xoxo- Alida

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