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The first time I fell in Love

1st November 2015

This months post is a throwback. A throwback tothe first time I fell in love wit the stage. To be honest, the tittle is a little misleading. Considering the actual first time I fell in love with the stage took place in South Africa in 2014. But that´s a whole other story, worthy of it´s own post I´d gladly write if you guys are interested.  Unfortunately, all I have left from this moment are some picture and my memories of course. I wish you could take a peek every time I relive this moment in my mind but for now, the first time I fell in love with the stage in Holland will have to do.

Chasing after the high I felt of performing in South Africa, I decided to sign up for a spot at the next event of  I Speak june this year. Never imagined I stood a chance, but to my surprise the organisation let me have my moment in the spotlight. Officially this was my second time on stage, yet that didn´t mean it was less nerve-racking as it was in South Africa. Nevertheless, just like back then, the minute I took the stage all those nerves just left my body & I felt completly at ease with sharing a part of my most inner thoughts through my poems. Exactly what I´ll be doing on here 😉

The first poem, called Lovers Anonimous, refers to the fact that I am proudly addicted with love. In a healthy way that is & yes I´m aware of the contradiction, haha. It´s one of the first poems I ever wrote and the first I knew by heart.

The second poem, Our Love, I wrote during my stay abroad & is based on a realisation I had whilst experiencing the sadder side of love.

So without further ado, I present to you two short clips of my first moment on stage in Holland.

#Lovers Anonimous

It all started with a small headache, followed by a feverish cold.
My body started aching, shivering, yet I showed no signs of sickness.
Though the symptoms were clear, it took me a while.

This wasn’t a case of the flu or any other known disease.
Like many before me, I thought I could handle it, figured I’d be fine.

But before I knew it this drug, known to be underestimated, took control.

Hi. my name is Alida & I’m addicted to love…

#Our Love

Our love was a different kind of love..

So different the multitude of languages we spoke weren’t eloquent enough to describe it. We didnt fall in love, we just stumbled upon it and each & every year we lasted was a well welcomed surprise..

like Kanye said: “we just happened”

Our love was, no still is, a different kind of love

Though we are apart, the magnetic force that is our love still pulls me towards you. And believe me, I’ve tried to fight it; I’ve tried to hate you, resent you, hell I’ve even tried to erase you. But this different type of love just won’t let go. It doesn’t allow any erasing.

It just won’t die..

So if ever, whenever I’m asked to describe us I’ll say:

“Our love is a different type of love. One that was never manmade but divinely created. One that can’t possibly be put into words without being sold short. & though this different love, now no longer a unit, consist of two separates, it still has a life of its own

& we have no other choice than to let it be, rather just let it happen.”

I speak 14-10-15; The Black Magic Woman edition.I´d love to hear you guy´s feedback. Let me know if they spoke to you, what you got out of it and which ones of the two is your favorite & why.

Lastly, I´d like to thank Gershwin and the rest of the I Speak organisation for sharing their stage with me! The next I Speak event will take place on the 14th of november at the Bijlmer Park Theater in Amsterdam. I highly recommend you take some time in your busy week and let the Black Magic women of I Speak inspire you.

-xoxo- Alida

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